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Hi, I’m Luke Fatooros. My proven business coaching programs will help customise a system to optimise and create value in your business, stop trading time for money and outsmart today’s competition!

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Photo of Luke Fatooros - owner of Ideas Into Business
Luke Fatooros Experienced Business Coach
Luke Fatooros Experienced Business Coach
Luke Fatooros Experience Business Coach
Luke Fatooros Experience Business Coach


Proven, street smart business strategies to transform your business!


Real People. Real Results

Photo of Baden Behrens - owner of Sea Breeze Shutters

“Helped me go from $10k to $30k in 1 month”

Confidence and clarity of direction to get the best results the fastest. This mentoring process helped me go from $10k to $30k in 1 month. Oct was my best month ever: $15k sales without me involved. 

Baden Behrens

Sea Breeze Shutters - Australia

Photo of Tony Bloom - owner of Roster Portal

“6 figure passive income ”

Luke’s clear, precise instructions have helped me create a 6-figure, recurring subscription business. For the first time in 5 years, my business now produces enough passive income for me to pay all my bills. Luke’s approach is authentic, direct, and cuts through all the confusion to help you get the results you want.

Tony Bloom

Roster Portal - Gold Coast

Photo of Robin Elliott - owner of Leverage Advantage Systems

“4 figure passive income in 4 weeks”

Luke created a Joint Venture membership site for me that began generating a 4 figure, passive income stream after just 4 weeks. Luke’s ability to find gold is your business in unique and is the best I have come across in my 24 years of business!

Robin Elliott

Leverage Advantage Systems - Canada

Photo of Steve Pickette - owner of Pickette Plumbing

“Increased my profits by $68,000”

Before I started working with Luke, I was a sole trader with a business that had ZERO value. After just 6 months, Luke restructured my business so that it had a VALUE OF $250,000. That is wealth I never knew existed! I also increased my profits by $68,000 in ONE year by using ONE SIMPLE JOINT VENTURE STRATEGY Luke showed me.

Steve Pickette

Pickette Plumbing - Gold Coast, Australia

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