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Your Niche is the Source of Your Money Flow in Your Business

Here’s the Truth

Most business owners spend years convincing people, the wrong people to buy their stuff.

Targeting, marketing and selling to the wrong customers will never grow your sales. This only frustrates you and drains your energy, cash flow and profits.

Not everyone is your customer.

You can’t sell meat to a vegetarian, no matter how hard you try. They are not your real customers.

Stop wasting time, energy and advertising budgets trying to convince the wrong people to buy your stuff.

Rather, focus on finding your real customers who really want to buy your stuff. This is called following the money flow in red-hot niches.

It’s not magic. It’s simple logic.

The 1-Page Plan shows you exactly how to discover your real customers, regardless of your industry or niche, whether you are just starting out or have been struggling for years in business.

All in 6 easy steps, on a single page.

Michelle – Memories Casting Kits

Nate – Photography

Blaize – Biltong Shopify Store

Join the Success of Others

Background to the Success of the 1-PAGE PLAN

From 14 Months of Failure to $12 Million in 5 Years​

(My sister Leander, myself, and Gary, my first business partner, preparing to launch our first business venture.)

I started my first business at age 23 with $800 in my father’s shed.

Fresh out of university, Gary and I had our big idea that we thought the world would love. We were going to be our own boss, get rich, and have lots of freedom running our own business – the usual reasons most people go into business for.

We would come home from our day jobs and work until 12 – 1am each night and weekends working on our big idea. We did this for 8 months, then took the plunge, quit our jobs and launched our business at a trade show.

(Where my $800 went, launching our software business at a trade show.)

What happened:  Zero sales.

It was devastating. We were exhausted, broke and had no clue why we had failed so spectacularly.

1. The Lesson

The same reason why so many businesses struggle year after year, and why so many ideas never make any money.

We didn’t understand money flow.

Our business was not positioned in a red-hot niche. 

We were trying to find gold in a lead mine. We were wasting our time. So, it didn’t matter how hard we tried to sell and market our business; it made no difference. Working sixteen hours daily, including weekends, was not going to put gold in our lead mine.

We struggled for another fourteen months. It’s a gruelling process that destroys most businesses.

2. The Turn

Customers were not interested in our software idea but continuously asked if we could sell them computer hardware. We weren’t trying to sell these products, but customers were asking to buy them.

This is called a lucrative, red-hot niche where the money naturally and easily flows. They are filled with customers who are willing to transact easily.

We had a choice. Keep trying to sell to customers who don’t want to buy our stuff. Or shift to customers who really want to buy.

It’s understanding the difference between what you want to sell versus what customers want to buy and repositioning your business to where the money is flowing.

(Gary and I showcasing at a local shopping centre, shifting our business from selling software to computer hardware and tapping into the money flow of a red-hot lucrative niche.)

3. The Result

After 14 months of struggling, we turned $800 into a $12 million business in 5 years.

From our first little store…

To our first superstore, which we funded ourselves within 2 years.

To our second superstore.

I took these foundational lessons and developed the 1-Page Plan –  How to Discover Your Red-Hot Niche.

I have used this process for over 30 years, across 3 countries and many industries.

It has successfully helped transform the lives and businesses of hundreds of people, around the world.

It personally helped me achieve the following:

And I know the 1-Page Plan Discover Your Red Hot Niche can help transform your business too!

Learn More About How The 1-PAGE PLAN Can Help you Today!

Are You Like 96% of Businesses Making This Common,
Everyday Mistake I Made in My First Business?

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Gavin Watts
Gavin Watts
I highly recommend Luke as your business coach. His knowledge, experience and ethics are world-class. Luke will lead you down the right path to success or help you realise you have got it all wrong and steer you to where you need to be and want to get to. Applying the information that Luke has for you is game-changing. Go for it!!
Jenny Gordon
Jenny Gordon
Luke supported me getting my business ready for sale and throughout the sale process. His input and guidance was invaluable. Luke is generous with his knowledge. I would employ Luke again without reservation, whether setting up, buying or disposing of a business.
Colin Gordon
Colin Gordon
I would highly recommend Luke for any assistance you need for your business. His empathy for my situation in exiting my business and level of communication is exemplary and I would never have acheived such a succesful outcome without his knowledge and experience. We are in the process of exiting my wifes business now - we couldn't do without him. Colin Gordon
David Kaity
David Kaity
When I started working with Luke and Helena, I was seven years into a business that still felt like a startup. I couldn't seem to gain any real traction despite having raving customers and knowing that I had a great solution. I had tried all sorts of courses, training, gurus and education, and began to think that success would elude me. It wasn't until Luke pushed me to find my resonating message, that things really turned around for me. I couldn't believe the change! Finally, I'm moving on to the long awaited challenge of how to grow and scale this business and of course, I've got Luke to guide me through this too. Luke has been in the trenches and has the battle scars to prove it. Don't waste your time in learning any other way than from someone who has been there and done it. Luke is that person. Contact him now.
ULTC Sydney
ULTC Sydney
I count the day I was referred to Luke as one of my luckiest day! He is the most genuine committed business coach I have ever known. I was at that stage where I was ready to move forward and expand my business. I thought I had everything worked out – but working with Luke over the past few months has shown me different. Most important value add is that he made me realise the value I can bring to my customers and showed me how to convey it to them - the key for my successful conversions. The journey has been amazing, and as it continues, I know my amazing coach will be there by my side. Thank you, Luke!!
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson
Luke is an Excellent business coach My business knowledge and experience were very limited. Luke opened my eyes sharing the fundamentals of building a successful business. The world is filled with internet marketers there who are trying to sell their products and software subscriptions costing 1000 Dollars plus they will teach businesses for using their products. Luke is very different , anyone who wants to learn real business online or offline should learn from him.
John Spark
John Spark
We have a great deal to thank Luke for with the success our business is experiencing. For us being a husband and wife team it was easy to be challenging each other about whats next. Luke has became a middle man we both trust. Then we get out of our own way and follow his guidance. He never stops reinforcing progress and what we ultimately have engaged him for. Either you are serious about change or you are not. Don't waste Lukes or your own time if you are not serious. However if you are willing to commit and listen then take action...GET Luke on your team ASAP. John C Spark Nilla's Italian Kitchen
Nathan Hurst
Nathan Hurst
The training sessions and support offered by Luke is absolutely 5 star. The courses and masterclasses are incredibly informative and really get to the point of how to successfully build your business. It's all backed with his own real-life experiences of running his own businesses. How many business coaches can say that these days? Not a lot I assure you. Luke has helped me develop my business ideas and provided an amazing amount of knowledge, support and honest feedback. I now feel a lot more confident, knowing I've got Luke on my side, helping me with the success of achieving my business goals. He's not like any other business coach out there. In my opinion certainly a cut above the rest.


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Companion Tools Valued at $297
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Happy Customers

Using the 1-PAGE PLAN and Real-Life Case-Studies From Actual Businesses, You Will Discover:

How to find where the cash is flowing easily and how to “niche down” and tap into it.

How to “shift” your struggling business into the most lucrative “sweet spots” where the cash is already flowing, and where there are plenty of customers buying easily.

The 6 Critical Steps that caused our tiny, struggling business to explode into a $12 million business in just 5 years.

The Golden Secret I used to correctly position an idea from day 1, inside a red-hot niche and create a business valued at $3.5 million in 3 years, working just 2 days a week, from a home office.

Step-by-step how to master your niche, and discover which customers buy from you the quickest and easiest.

All Simply Laid Out, Step by Step on a Single Page

Here's Your Step-by-Step 1-PAGE PLAN
Training Videos That Are Included

Training Video #1
Why Traditional Businesses Fail

Learn the 2 essential ingredients most business owners miss to take your marketing to the next level and outsmart your competition.

Training Video #2
Understanding Money Flow in Niches

Your niche is the source of money flow in any business. Learn how money naturally flows in niches and how you tap into these lucrative “sweet spots”.

Training Video #3
How to Use the 1- Page Plan

Follow the 6 simple, logical steps to find your red-hot, lucrative niche and which customers buy from you the quickest and easiest.

Training Video #4
1-Page Plan Example

A detailed example of taking a large niche, niching down into smaller niches, and discovering which customers really want to buy your stuff.

Training Video 5
Real Life Case Study – Luke’s First Business

For fourteen months, Luke’s first business struggled with very little customers and poor cashflow. Learn how the 1-Page Plan transformed his little business into a $12 million company in 5 years, at age 23.

Training Video #6
Real Life Case Study – Tony the Photographer

For eight years, Tony, the photographer, could not break through to that next level until he tried this single step.

Learn how the 1-Page Planner transformed his struggling business overnight by using the Shift-and-Sift process to discover his Red-Hot niche in just a few hours and how you can too.

More Happy Customers

The 1-PAGE PLAN Works for
Any Business, Any Niche

Regardless of what business you are in, your top competitors are making real money from your customers, right now!

Here's How You Tap Into This Money Flow And Attract More Customers To You!

Find Where the Cash is Flowing
Not all niches are lucrative. Find established markets that already have ready, willing to pay customers.
Shift & Sift
Use the “shift & sift” method to reposition your business in the lucrative, red-hot niches.
Discover Your “Hot Pots”

Break your broad niche into “pots” and discover which customers buy from you the quickest and easiest.

Easy to Follow 1-Page Plan

Follow the 6-Step simple layout to discover your red-hot niche.


Valued at $197

Training Video Bonus #1
How to Move from a Limited to an Unlimited Earning Structure

Most businesses trade time for money and have a single stream of income – their product or service. How do you transition from this capped earning structure to an unlimited one? Learn, step by step in this real-life example of a picture framer who added an extra $25/month after just 6 months – simply by restructuring his business.

Training Video Bonus #2
How to Write Compelling Headlines

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to writing powerful, compelling headlines that will ramp up your open rates, video views and social engagements.

Training Video Bonus #3
9 Power Words to Evoke Customer Emotions

Learn the fundamental skill of persuasion – the art of copywriting. Choose time-tested, proven words that evoke emotion and cause customers to take buying action.

Training Video Bonus #4
Why so Many Good Ideas Fail

Many people have great business ideas but never make any money. Why? Discover the number one reason that stops most people from turning their idea into a successful business.

Training Video Bonus #5
Real-Life Case Study - $200 to $30 Million Business

In 1985, Mike O’ Hagan started a business with $200 and a small truck. For 6 years, his staff earned more than him. Then, he made a single change and created a $30 million business. Find out exactly what Mike did in this real-life case study.

More Happy Customers

“Creating an asset to retire on”

We wish to retire in a few years and want to ensure our business is set up correctly to allow us to do this. We do not want to have worked our entire lives with nothing to show.

Luke’s guidance is helping us build an engine that does the work for us and at the same time is creating a valuable asset that we can cash out for maximum profits in the near future. We highly recommend Luke – he is authentic and genuinely cares about your success.

Nilla Spark
Nilla’s Italian Kitchen – Perth

“Changed the way I interact with potential clients”
Working with Luke as my business coach has made me so clear about the purpose of my business that it has changed the way I interact with potential clients. Because of this I was able to secure 4 new clients worth $120 each in just 4 weeks! This month my target is 8 clients! Exciting times!
Fiona Lee Saunders Numerology Zone – Brisbane
“Luke’s strategies are in the top rankings in the world”
Luke’s street smart business coaching tips and strategies for helping you grow your business are definitely in the top ranking in the world.
Fabe Kelly What Working Women Want – Australia
“4 figure passive income in 4 weeks”
Luke created a Joint Venture membership site for me that began generating a 4 figure, passive income stream after just 4 weeks. Luke’s business coaching ability to find gold is your business in unique and is the best I have come across in my 24 years of business!
Robin Elliott Leverage Advantage Systems – Canada

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Give it a try. If you are not 100% satisfied, I'll refund you in full and you'll still get to keep everything - including all the bonuses.

This way you have nothing to lose.
Only lots to gain.

More Happy Customers

About Luke

I co-founded my first business at the age of 23. Working with my partner from my father’s shed, I turned $800 into a $12 million company with 65 staff within five years.

At age 26, I was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Unfortunately, I then lost the lot.

I had to start from scratch. It took me 7 years to regain my confidence and learn what I needed to build a smart business.

The result was a business valued at $3.5 million in less than 3 years.

Since 2008, I have helped many business owners worldwide build smarter, more valuable businesses using my real-life street experience.

My teachings are free from “get rich quick, hyped-up nonsense” and really do work. I can confidently say this as my training programs were chosen to be presented live on stage at the 21st Century Financial Summit with Sir Richard Branson in Melbourne.

I am also a 2 x time Amazon # 1 Best Selling Business Author.

Originally from South Africa, I live on the Gold Coast of Australia with my wife, Michelle, and my two children, Blaize and Skyla.

I enjoy surfing, camping, wood-smoking backyard BBQ, and forming friendships with highly driven entrepreneurs worldwide. I enjoy making people laugh and cherish the company of people who genuinely share an enthusiastic spirit for life, happiness, and helping others succeed.

I look forward to meeting you and wish you all the best on your journey.


PLUS ...

Companion Tools Valued at $297
Absolutely FREE!

You Have Instant Access to the 1-PAGE PLAN TRAINING VIDEOS

PLUS ...

You Have Instant Access to the 1-PAGE PLAN BLUEPRINT

PLUS ...

5 Training Video Bonuses
Valued at $197

PLUS ...

FREE Support In Our Community

Was $97 Now Only $27.00
Limited time Only!

You Might Be Asking…

1. So, if This Is Really as Good as You Say, Why Is It So Cheap?

A great question.

The market is flooded with thousands of adverts, mostly full of misleading hype created by people who have never made any money in the real business world except by selling hope and dreams to others.

Building a business is never easy. Anyone who tells you that has never built a real business. But there are smarter and easier ways to do things.

I hope that by allowing you to sample the quality and depth of my work, you will see that I am indeed genuine and my stuff really works.

My hope is that a small percentage who buy this will love it so much that want to try the rest of my 1 Page Plans in my Business Building series and may even want some personal help building business.  

My goal is to build a long-term relationship with you and to help you on your journey to building a successful business, just like I have for hundreds of business owners around the world, over the past 14 years.

2. What Makes the 1-PAGE PLAN Unique Compared to Other Business Solutions?

Understanding your niche is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult pieces to understand and is one of the most overlooked.

But it is the source of your money flow.

I have taken 30 years of my street-smart experience scratch building businesses in the real world and simplified the process into a simple 1-Page Plan that you can easily follow.

It covers all my costly mistakes (of which I have made many) that you can avoid and successes that you follow to shortcut your path to building a better business.

It is made from the scars and battles in the trenches of the real world. This authenticity, backed by real-life proof, is not easily found today.

3. I Have Been Struggling in Business for Many Years, Will This Help Me?

Here’s the truth. Most businesses have spent thousands of dollars and years on advertising, buying books, courses and training, and still, they struggle.


The starting point to fix a struggling business is to master your niche. Master your niche and you’ll instantly get more customers, more sales, improved cash-flow and profits.

So, yes. This will definitely help you.

4. I Have a New Business Idea That I Want to Launch – Will This Help Me?

Here’s what most people do. They take an idea and spend thousands on a new website, launching an advertising campaign, sales brochures and sales funnels.

And then nothing happens. Why? Because these businesses have no idea who their real customers are. They have been told by marketing agencies and professors to target their ideal customers.

Your ideal customers do not make your business successful. Your real customers do – the ones who actually hand over the cash to you.  Usually, the two are worlds apart.

The 1 PAGE PLAN helps you identify your red hot niches filled with your cash-paying customers. This is where you want to launch your idea – in the lucrative sweet spots.

This way, you won’t end up like 96% who fail because no one wants to buy their stuff.

Find out first who wants to buy your stuff, then position your idea or business in that niche.

6. Do You Offer a Guarantee or Refund Policy?


If you are not entirely satisfied within 30 days, I will refund you in full. No questions asked. No funny stuff.  Plus, you can even keep the bonuses.

This way you have zero risk, only everything to gain.

More Happy Customers

PS … If you know someone who would benefit from this, share with them below.