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What You'll Learn ...

Design Your Irresistible Hook

Create an irresistible “hook” to open the gateway to your sales pipeline and attract more customers to you.
Design your X-Factor Product
Don’t create a product or service and try to sell it. Find out what your customers really want, and then tailor your solution.
Design Your Upsell Pipeline

Design your customer’s journey. Build your upsell sales pipeline of higher-priced items.

Easy to Follow
1-Page Plan

Follow the 5 simple, logical steps to build your cash-generating sales pipeline on a single page.

No Risk, Great Value Strategy
Want a sales pipeline that outsmarts competitors? Let customers experience your value. Establish trust and build a relationship.
Fastest Route to the Cash
Correctly design your business to tap into where the cash is naturally flowing the quickest and easiest.
Add Backend, Revenue Streams
Do the work once and continue to get paid. Form joint ventures to create passive, recurring revenue streams.
Why Customers Leave

Learn the real reasons why customers choose competitors over you. (And it has very little to do with your products/services).

What Others Have to Say About Luke's Training

“58.7% increase in profits”
Hands down the best out there. I struggled for years working with business coaches. They let me down. I was struggling with cashflow, needed more customers and a digital marketing strategy to compete. I was exhausted. Luke restructured my business, fixed my sales process, revamped my website, implemented a social media strategy and positioned me as a ‘go-to” expert in my niche. My business now runs itself, giving me more free time with less stress. Highly recommended.
Dr Theva Dr T Aesthetics – Melbourne
“Over $1.5 million added to my portfolio”
For years I was missing several key ingredients in my business – who were my real customers, and what did they really want to buy. Luke’s step by step process helped me clarify this, help me build a resonating message that added an extra $1.5 million in my portfolio in 4 weeks. Highly recommended.
Matt Black Georgia – USA
“Best sales in 10 years”
Sandy had our tax return done yesterday and I think this is worth sharing with all of you. If there was anybody out there doubting themselves and what they are doing, I am here to tell you I was in the same position 12 months ago. Simply by putting a few of the strategies into practice, we have been taught by Luke and Alan, simply switching around the time I spend on actually making the products I sell to getting out there and doing the selling, and making those phone calls I didn’t want to do (realising now this is the truth and I just told myself at the time I would do it later). We now find ourselves having the best sales in the month of April that we have had in 10 years I have been in business. Over 125% up on the previous best monthly sales and in a business climate that is easily one of the worst I have endured
Mike & Sandy Scorpion Sheet Metal – Brisbane
“Creating an asset to retire on”
We wish to retire in a few years and want to ensure our business is set up correctly to allow us to do this. We do not want to have worked our entire lives with nothing to show. Luke’s guidance is helping us build an engine that does the work for us and at the same time is creating a valuable asset that we can cash out for maximum profits in the near future. We highly recommend Luke – he is authentic and genuinely cares about your success.
Nilla Spark Nilla’s Italian Kitchen – Perth
Gavin Watts
Gavin Watts
I highly recommend Luke as your business coach. His knowledge, experience and ethics are world-class. Luke will lead you down the right path to success or help you realise you have got it all wrong and steer you to where you need to be and want to get to. Applying the information that Luke has for you is game-changing. Go for it!!
Jenny Gordon
Jenny Gordon
Luke supported me getting my business ready for sale and throughout the sale process. His input and guidance was invaluable. Luke is generous with his knowledge. I would employ Luke again without reservation, whether setting up, buying or disposing of a business.
Colin Gordon
Colin Gordon
I would highly recommend Luke for any assistance you need for your business. His empathy for my situation in exiting my business and level of communication is exemplary and I would never have acheived such a succesful outcome without his knowledge and experience. We are in the process of exiting my wifes business now - we couldn't do without him. Colin Gordon
David Kaity
David Kaity
When I started working with Luke and Helena, I was seven years into a business that still felt like a startup. I couldn't seem to gain any real traction despite having raving customers and knowing that I had a great solution. I had tried all sorts of courses, training, gurus and education, and began to think that success would elude me. It wasn't until Luke pushed me to find my resonating message, that things really turned around for me. I couldn't believe the change! Finally, I'm moving on to the long awaited challenge of how to grow and scale this business and of course, I've got Luke to guide me through this too. Luke has been in the trenches and has the battle scars to prove it. Don't waste your time in learning any other way than from someone who has been there and done it. Luke is that person. Contact him now.
ULTC Sydney
ULTC Sydney
I count the day I was referred to Luke as one of my luckiest day! He is the most genuine committed business coach I have ever known. I was at that stage where I was ready to move forward and expand my business. I thought I had everything worked out – but working with Luke over the past few months has shown me different. Most important value add is that he made me realise the value I can bring to my customers and showed me how to convey it to them - the key for my successful conversions. The journey has been amazing, and as it continues, I know my amazing coach will be there by my side. Thank you, Luke!!
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson
Luke is an Excellent business coach My business knowledge and experience were very limited. Luke opened my eyes sharing the fundamentals of building a successful business. The world is filled with internet marketers there who are trying to sell their products and software subscriptions costing 1000 Dollars plus they will teach businesses for using their products. Luke is very different , anyone who wants to learn real business online or offline should learn from him.
John Spark
John Spark
We have a great deal to thank Luke for with the success our business is experiencing. For us being a husband and wife team it was easy to be challenging each other about whats next. Luke has became a middle man we both trust. Then we get out of our own way and follow his guidance. He never stops reinforcing progress and what we ultimately have engaged him for. Either you are serious about change or you are not. Don't waste Lukes or your own time if you are not serious. However if you are willing to commit and listen then take action...GET Luke on your team ASAP. John C Spark Nilla's Italian Kitchen
Nathan Hurst
Nathan Hurst
The training sessions and support offered by Luke is absolutely 5 star. The courses and masterclasses are incredibly informative and really get to the point of how to successfully build your business. It's all backed with his own real-life experiences of running his own businesses. How many business coaches can say that these days? Not a lot I assure you. Luke has helped me develop my business ideas and provided an amazing amount of knowledge, support and honest feedback. I now feel a lot more confident, knowing I've got Luke on my side, helping me with the success of achieving my business goals. He's not like any other business coach out there. In my opinion certainly a cut above the rest.

Course Outline

Section 1
Fastest Route to the Cash

Learn to follow the money. Correctly design your business to tap into where the cash is naturally flowing the quickest and easiest.

Section 2
Create a Sales Generating Sales Pipeline Using the 1 Page Plan

Follow the 5 simple, logical steps and build your rhook, x-factor product and upsell pipeline in real time on a single page.

Section 3
3 Golden Rules

See real-life proof of the 1-Page Plan training. A step-by-step breakdown of how Luke took $800 and created a $12 million business in 5 years at the age of 23.

Section 4
Real Life Case Studies

See real-life proof of the 1-Page Plan training. A step-by-step breakdown of how Luke took $800 and created a $12 million business in 5 years at the age of 23.

Section 5
Why Customers Leave

Learn the real reasons why customers choose competitors over you.

(And it has very little to do with your products/ services)

Section 6
No Risk, Great Value Strategy

Want a sales pipeline that outsmarts competitors? Let customers experience your value. Establish trust and build a relationship.

Section 7
Add Backend, Recurring Revenue Streams

The real money lies in your backend. Do the work once and continue to get paid. Form joint ventures to create passive, recurring revenue streams.

Section 8
Sales Pipeline Success Tips

19 Sales pipeline success tips to build a solid, cash-generating cash pipeline to outsmart competition, increase sales and attract more customers to you than the competition.

Section 9
Workshop Live in Real Time

Follow the 1 Page Plan and workshop your cash generating sales pipeline live in real time.

Plus ... Choose the Power Up Option and Get Instant Access to These 6 Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1
Move From a Limited to Unlimited Earning Structure

Most businesses trade time for money and have a single stream of income – their product or service. How do you transition from this capped earning structure to an unlimited one? Learn, step by step, in this real-life example of a picture framer who added an extra $25/month after just 6 months – simply by restructuring his business.

Bonus #2
Choosing the Right Mindset for Success

There are 2 ways to go about building your business. One leads to more stress, overload and burnout. The other leads to peace of mind and time and money freedom. The first way cost me $12 million when I lost my first business.

What way are you building yours right now? Learn the difference and decide which mindset for success is right for you.

Bonus #3
Create a Power Sales Video

Want more clicks, more views, more customers and more sales?

Learn the 8-step formula for creating highly converting sales videos for your landing pages, websites and sales funnels.

Bonus #4
Your Personal Branding

Here’s the truth. People buy you first, your products and services second. How the world sees you is often very different to how you see yourself. Does your personal brand attract or retract your customers?

Bonus #5
4 Secret Sales Strategies

How do you sell less but get customers to buy more?

Follow these 4 time-tested, proven secrets of selling. Learn how to get customers to buy from you, so you don’t have to sell.

Bonus #6
Telephone Sales Mastery

Master the art of converting more sales on the telephone, zoom calls and webinars from preparation, the call, follow-up, top tips and practices.

My 30 Day, Zero Risk
100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

No hoops. No questions. No funny stuff.

Give it a try. If you are not 100% satisfied, I'll refund you in full and you'll still get to keep everything - including all the bonuses.

This way you have nothing to lose.
Only lots to gain.

More Happy Customers

I didn’t have to sell – They came to me

89 total strangers just asked me for my social skills workout plan! Yep, I didn’t have to sell – I just said that it existed and they came to me! That’s 53 in total in the course of maybe 3 weeks?

I didn’t get even a fifth of this over 4 months with my last attempt and that was constant emails and messages and networking events, etc. It feels like I’m putting in a fifth of the work and getting 5x the results”

Alixander Laffredo-Dietrich Conquer Your Speaking Fear – USA
“Changed the way I interact with potential clients”
Working with Luke as my business coach has made me so clear about the purpose of my business that it has changed the way I interact with potential clients. Because of this I was able to secure 4 new clients worth $120 each in just 4 weeks! This month my target is 8 clients! Exciting times!
Fiona Lee Saunders Numerology Zone – Brisbane
“Luke’s strategies are in the top rankings in the world”
Luke’s street smart business coaching tips and strategies for helping you grow your business are definitely in the top ranking in the world.
Fabe Kelly What Working Women Want – Australia
“4 figure passive income in 4 weeks”
Luke created a Joint Venture membership site for me that began generating a 4 figure, passive income stream after just 4 weeks. Luke’s business coaching ability to find gold is your business in unique and is the best I have come across in my 24 years of business!
Robin Elliott Leverage Advantage Systems – Canada

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About Luke

I co-founded my first business at the age of 23. Working with my partner from my father’s shed, I turned $800 into a $12 million company with 65 staff within five years.

At age 26, I was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Unfortunately, I then lost the lot.

I had to start from scratch. It took me 7 years to regain my confidence and learn what I needed to build a smart business.

The result was a business valued at $3.5 million in less than 3 years.

Since 2008, I have helped many business owners worldwide build smarter, more valuable businesses using my real-life street experience.

My teachings are free from “get rich quick, hyped-up nonsense” and really do work. I can confidently say this as my training programs were chosen to be presented live on stage at the 21st Century Financial Summit with Sir Richard Branson in Melbourne.

I am also a 2 x time Amazon # 1 Best Selling Business Author.

Originally from South Africa, I live on the Gold Coast of Australia with my wife, Michelle, and my two children, Blaize and Skyla.

I enjoy surfing, wood-smoking backyard BBQ, and forming friendships with highly driven entrepreneurs worldwide. I enjoy making people laugh and cherish the company of people who genuinely share an enthusiastic spirit for life, happiness, and helping others succeed.

I look forward to meeting you and wish you all the best on your journey.

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