As a business owner, you know how important it is to stand out especially if you’re operating in a cluttered market. How can a business coach help you breakthrough and stand out in today’s crazy competitive world?

With social media mega-platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc., anyone with an iPhone can start a business.  You take videos, bang them up on YouTube and off you go. There is your business.

So if this is so easy, why do up to 99% of all these people get it wrong. They never make any money, get traction or build a successful business?

What Do the 1% Do to Break Through and Stand Out in a Cluttered Market?

The answer has nothing to do your product or service. Can you guess what it is?

The answer is being real.

That’s the big difference in today’s world of posers.

So how do you be real?  As a business coach and mentor for over 12 years, plus having scratch built my own successful businesses since I was 23, this is my advice…

1. Speak Your Truth

Everyone one out there is trying to be a superstar. They are all trying to convince you into believing they are so successful, and they fake it until they make it. Everyone on social media is doing this.

So how do you break through this?

Be yourself. Speak your truth. Tell your story. Not something else’s or a story you think the world wants to hear. Tell your story. You have a giant waiting to be woken. You have a great story, so tell your story, your truth and stand out from all the pretenders.        

2. Grow as You Go – Lose the Urgency Mindset

Everyone is trying to make 1 million dollars in 5 minutes. Why, because they see everyone else pretending they are making a million dollars in record time, with no work. It’s not real.

Here’s what happens when you adopt this “urgency mindset”. Your focus becomes “close as many sales possible”, not delivering value. Simply closing sales is a short-minded approach. Delivering value is a long term, sustainable approach.

So how do you break through this?

Lose the urgency mindset. Stop trying to make $1 million in 5 minutes. First focus on building trust and rapport with your audience. Give them a great value and content and allow them to buy from you, as opposed to you slamming the hell out of them for a quick sale. This approach really doesn’t work long term.

Be happy with earning $30k/ $50k a year when starting out. This is real. Start with realistic expectations and then grow as you go.

3. Lose the Fear of Criticism

All-day, every day, you see people posting their “perfect lives” on social media.

Why? Because they are scared to death of being criticised of their real lives and how they really live.

They are fearful of being criticised for any imperfections. They want to create this grand illusion to all their high school mates and their family they have made it. Creating an illusion so you believe they have the fancy car, the perfect family and the million-dollar business.

It’s just not real. No-one has the perfect life. But they are all pretending they do.

So how do you break through this?

Lose the fear of criticism. Show your imperfections.

Constructive criticism or advice is great provided it comes from a reputable source. Always looks at your source of criticism and advise. If someone is trying to give you financial advice on how to retire using the stock market, but they are broke or not yet retired – how can you take their advice seriously?

The same applies to a man trying to give women advice on how to give birth – “don’t worry – it’s not painful – just think about mermaids playing among the fish.” Or a business coach trying to give advice on how to build a successful business, get leads and grow to the next level when they have never built a successful business themselves.

The only people who ever negatively criticise anyone else are those too scared to do anything themselves.

They are very brave, placing negative comments on your videos, blogs, adverts and posts. Usually, while sitting at home in their pyjamas in their mom’s basement. Or from their deadbeat job they are stuck in. They despise the courage of others who were brave enough to give it a go. Courage they don’t have. 

These people are dropkicks. So who cares what these clowns think anyway.

You cannot allow these losers to put your life, goals and dreams on hold, in fear of their criticism.

Your true supporters, your true friends and your tribe will support you. Value their opinions. They will support you because you are you.

4. Look After Those Who Support You

The race is on to see how quickly you can get 100,000 followers on YouTube or 100,000 followers on Instagram. Why?  It looks impressive. Every “expert” out there is telling you how to get 1 million followers by Sunday afternoon. And so you think this is the benchmark. What this does is put enormous pressure on yourself, and diverts your focus and energy from what you should really be doing – building your tribe.

So how do you break through this?

Forget about the count race. Focus your energy rather on building your tribe and looking after them.

100,000 followers on Instagram does not make you money. The 2 or 3 people who buy from you make you money. So look after those who are loyal to you.

Treat each of these real customers like you have 5 million subscribers, and your business will naturally grow.

5. Decide Why You Are in Business

Why are you in business! To make money or impress others?

Wouldn’t you be happier being you? Don’t you think your customers would enjoy you being you, rather than pretending to be someone else?

Don’t go bankrupt, trying to look rich.

So how do you break through this?

Focus on building a business that is true to you, not moulding it to fit someone else’s superfluous expectations.

Let the world see you as you are. This is what your customers really want to see.

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