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7 Week Business Transformation FREE Training Workshop (value $397)

Photo of Baden Behrens - owner of Sea Breeze Shutters

“Helped me go from $10k to $30k in 1 month”

Confidence and clarity of direction to get the best results the fastest. This mentoring process helped me go from $10k to $30k in 1 month. Oct was my best month ever: $15k sales without me involved.

Baden Behrens

Sea Breeze Shutters - Australia

Photo of Tony Bloom - owner of Roster Portal

“6 figure passive income ”

Luke’s clear, precise instructions have helped me create a 6-figure, recurring subscription business. For the first time in 5 years, my business now produces enough passive income for me to pay all my bills. Luke’s approach is authentic, direct, and cuts through all the confusion to help you get the results you want.

Tony Bloom

Roster Portal - Gold Coast

Photo of Robin Elliott - owner of Leverage Advantage Systems

“4 figure passive income in 4 weeks”

Luke created a Joint Venture membership site for me that began generating a 4 figure, passive income stream after just 4 weeks. Luke’s ability to find gold is your business in unique and is the best I have come across in my 24 years of business!

Robin Elliott

Leverage Advantage Systems - Canada

Photo of Steve Pickette - owner of Pickette Plumbing

“Increased my profits by $68,000”

Before I started working with Luke, I was a sole trader with a business that had ZERO value. After just 6 months, Luke restructured my business so that it had a VALUE OF $250,000. That is wealth I never knew existed! I also increased my profits by $68,000 in ONE year by using ONE SIMPLE JOINT VENTURE STRATEGY Luke showed me.

Steve Pickette

Pickette Plumbing - Gold Coast, Australia

Here's the 7 week break down you will be learning in this powerful workshop


Red Hot Niches
Competitive Edge

Week 1 is finding the most lucrative business ideas and niches where your business or ideas should be positioned, where the cash is already flowing easily. Once inside these red-hot niches, you then create your competitive edge to stand out from the crowd and dominate your niche

Sales Success

Week 2 is Creating Your Sales Success. Learn how to attract more customers to you, not your competition, and how to design your products and services to sell more, quicker. Learn how to build a cash-generating sales pipeline.

Marketing Success

Week 3 is Creating Your Marketing Success. Master your copywriting secrets to create compelling sales pages and adverts that convert. Design a cash-generating marketing plan that outsmarts competition.

Online Success

Week 4 is Mastering Your Online Strategy. Turn your website into a silent salesman 24/7. Master your digital marketing strategies. Learn email marketing and how to build a list. Learn how to create sales videos and sales funnels. Learn how to build your tribe and scale your business using social media traffic strategies.

Joint Ventures

Week 5 is Joint Ventures. Learn to rapidly scale your business using the powerful techniques of Joint Ventures. The exact strategies I used to build two multimillion businesses in record time with limited experience and resources.

More Time

Week 6 is Restructuring to Free Up Your Time, so your business continues to grow without you. Learn to turn your business into a valuable asset. Learn to create wealth as well as profits.

Less Stress

Week 7 is Working With Less Stress. 80% of your success is in your mind. Learn how to tap into this. Learn what successful people do every day to bring them closer to their goals and what unsuccessful don't.
Photo of Dr Theva Thevakumar - owner of Dr T's Aesthetics

“Sales are up by an incredible 40%”

I have been working with Luke for the last 6 months. It’s been an eye-opener and rewarding experience. Sales are up by an incredible 40%. Luke is authentic and genuinely cares about your success. His no-nonsense strategies really work and totally aligns with my thinking and values. He is hands down the best business mentor I have had so far.

Dr Theva Thevakumar

Dr T's Aesthetics - Melbourne

Photo of Mick and Sandy  - owner of Scorpion Sheet Metal

“Best sales in 10 years of being in business by focusing on the right things”

Sandy had our tax return done yesterday and I think this is worth sharing with all of you. If there was anybody out there doubting themselves and what they are doing, I am here to tell you I was in the same position 12 months ago. Simply by putting a few of the strategies into practice, we have been taught by Luke and Alan, simply switching around the time I spend on actually making the products I sell to getting out there and doing the selling, and making those phone calls I didn’t want to do (realising now this is the truth and I just told myself at the time I would do it later). We now find ourselves having the best sales in the month of April that we have had in 10 years I have been in business. Over 125% up on the previous best monthly sales and in a business climate that is easily one of the worst I have endured

Mick and Sandy

Scorpion Sheet Metal - Brisbane

Photo of Andrea Robinson - owner of Photo Tour Experts

“Clarity and focus I need to get results”

Luke’s monthly, personal guidance has given me the clarity and focus I need to get results. With his input, my 1-day photo workshops are SOLD OUT, 2 months in.

Andrea Robinson

Photo Tour Experts - Australia

Photo of Fiona Lee Saunders - owner of Numerology Zone

“Changed the way I interact with potential clients”

Working with Luke has made me so clear about the purpose of my business that it has changed the way I interact with potential clients. Because of this I was able to secure 4 new clients worth $120 each in just 4 weeks! This month my target is 8 clients! Exciting times!

Fiona Lee Saunders

Numerology Zone - Australia

What you will learn in the 7-week business transformation Free Training Workshop

Through my personal real-life case studies...

  • How I turned $800 into a $12 million business in just 5 years
  • What foundational mistakes I made to lose the lot (and how you can avoid the same mistakes)
  • The exact steps I used to take an idea and create a business valued at $3.5 million in 3 years
  • How I created one of Australia’s most successful online training and membership programs
  • How I scratch built a business and sold it to a public listed company on the Australian stock market for $820,000, after 14 months.
  • How you, too can copy the exact process to build your very own successful business in way less time and stress.

All laid out for you, step by step.


There is no catch. You are here because you have an issue with your business, and you are looking for help to fix it.

I need to show you we know what we are doing and that we have the experience to help you get the results you want.

I do this by sharing my life’s lessons with you in the free 7-Week Business Transformation training workshop. This first step is the start of our potential journey together.

During the workshop, you will learn the 13 step process (broken down over 7 weeks) that I have developed over 25 years of scratch building businesses across 3 countries. I promise you there are no misleading “get-rich” quick schemes or slam dunk sales pitches – just real-life, smart street lessons I have learned the hard way.

This time tested and proven system has also helped transform the businesses and lives of hundreds of my students worldwide, and it can help you too.

At the end of the workshop, if you feel we know what we are talking about and you would like to explore how we can help you transform your business to reach your goals, then our next step together is a no-obligation invitation to a free 45 min Business Health X-Ray consultation. Here we access if we are a right fit for each other. Not all businesses can be fixed, and not all business owners are suitable for our program.

During this consultation, we will unpack your business, discover where you want to be, and then pinpoint your 3 biggest challenges preventing you from getting there. We also show you how the 7-Week Business Transformation program works and how we work with you each week to ensure you get your desired outcomes.


I am no one special. I am just a regular guy who has been building businesses since the age of 23 and made many mistakes along the way.

I started my first business with $800 in my father’s shed and built a $12 million business in 5 years. Then I lost the lot. I eventually rebuilt my confidence and made a comeback and built a business valued at $3.5 million in under 3 years, created one of Australia’s most successful online business coaching programs, and created and sold a business for $820k after just fourteen months to an Australian public listed company.

“My difference is that I stand against the endemic false hype and misleading “instant riches with no work schemes” by self-claimed guru’s who have never built a real business but are con-artists making money selling “golden lotto tickets.”

People want solutions. I get this but building a business takes hard work, patience, and commitment. There certainly are smarter and easier ways to do things, but there are no shortcuts to success.

This is the simple, honest truth.

Business has always been my passion since I was a little kid. I have always loved helping others try to improve their businesses by doing easier and smarter things. After the monumental failure of my first business and then the subsequent successes of my next 5 businesses, I was able to easily identify what common mistakes most other business owners were making, day after day.

“They were not doing tasks in their business to set themselves up for the future. They were doing tasks to get themselves through the day.”

They were working to make profits today, not creating wealth for their future. Because they were Self Employed and their businesses were dependant on them running it, their businesses held very little value. In contrast, the Business Owners’ businesses were not dependant on them. Their systems ran their businesses, generating profits consistently. These businesses therefore held significantly greater values.

My discoveries made me aware of the massive opportunity to help people in business to become Business Owners and build a SMART business to give them TIME and MONEY FREEDOM.

And who better to help them than someone who has fallen down the cliff and reclimbed back up?

And so I created my 7 Week Business Transformation Program.

This highly successful program has 13 steps (broken down into 7 weeks). The secret is in the sequencing. The 13 steps sequentially link together to help you build your business to give you time and money freedom.

Every business I have built that has struggled, and every client’s business I have fixed has had steps missing or out of sequence, every time!

Everyone in business who has taken risks and made sacrifices along the way deserves a good outcome!

Ask yourself if what you are doing right now in your business is setting you up for your future? If it isn’t, then maybe we should talk sometime.

I certainly would enjoy helping you on your business journey, whatever stage you are at, to reach your lifestyle of choice.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

I wish you the very best on your journey.