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How to Find the Right Small Business Coach for You?


Covid! A word that sends shivers down the spines of many small business owners around the world. The Covid saga has wreaked havoc on both businesses and business owners’ lives. This pandemic has shone a merciless spotlight on small businesses, highlighting how vulnerable their current business strategies really are. It contemporaneously raised the burning question of the sustainability of their businesses. Many who thought they had successful businesses built for the long term were hit with a harsh, reality slap. […]

Business Coaching to Massively Boost your Sales –Strategy #2

Business Coaching to Massively Boost your Sales – Strategy#2

Customer Lifetime Value vs Transaction Value In the 1st business coaching sales strategy to massively boost your sales, we established that a more sustainable sales strategy is to build a trusted relationship with your clients so that they buy from you consistently rather than just selling to them. This then raises the following question “How do you form a relationship with your clients where they buy more from you, and you don’t have to sell to them?”   This 2nd proven sales strategy is understanding the difference […]

Business Coaching to Massively Boost your Sales – Strategy#1

Business Coaching to Massively Boost your Sales – Strategy#1

Selling Products vs Relationship Building Do you clearly understand what your goals are when setting up sales targets?  In my many years of coaching clients, I have found that most business owners don’t really understand what their sales goals should be. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small business owner, a CEO of a big company or a sales manager of a brand-new start-up. They often don’t understand what their sales goals need to be to take their business to […]

Business Coaching Lesson to Niche Down to Where the Cash is Flowing

Business Coaching for Niching Down

In this business coaching lesson, I share a foundation flaw most business owners miss and therefore struggle, year after year. Do you ever wonder what the few successful businesses do to steam ahead, effortlessly while others continuously struggle, day to day, and never seem to get anywhere? These business owners try strategy after strategy, year after year, yet they see very little growth. So What’s This Flaw? The answer is these business owners and entrepreneurs have not correctly positioned their […]

5 Ways a Business Coach Helps Your Business Stand Out in a Cluttered Market

Business Coaching How to stand out in a crowded market

As a business owner, you know how important it is to stand out especially if you’re operating in a cluttered market. How can a business coach help you breakthrough and stand out in today’s crazy competitive world? With social media mega-platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc., anyone with an iPhone can start a business.  You take videos, bang them up on YouTube and off you go. There is your business. So if this is so easy, why do up to 99% […]

Street Smart Business Coaching – Why do 96% of Traditional Businesses Fail?

Brisbane Business Coaching 96% of Traditional Businesses Fail

How to Ensure You Are Not One of Them So, you have a few business ideas, and you want to turn one into a successful business?  Or, you have been running a business that has been going 2, 3, or 10 years, but it never really got off the ground? Read on to find out how my proven street smart Business Coaching can stop you from becoming just another statistic. There are tons of statistics showing how many businesses fail […]

Financial Freedom – How Close Are You Really?

Brisbane Business Coach Financial Freedom

You’re closer than you think If I asked you right now, “How much money do you think you need to be Financially Free,” what would your answer be? “$1 million, $200k, $2 million, $450k?”  Why? Perhaps your answers look like this: “I can pay off my car loans, credit cards, student loans. I will have enough money in my savings account to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I will have enough emergency funds and can build wealth by investing in […]

3 Money Making Marketing Tips

Brisbane Business Coach Money Making Marketing Tips

Money Making Marketing Tip # 1  Do You Have a Passive or Active Call to Action? Whether you are doing email marketing, creating a flyer, designing your website or landing page, does your marketing have a passive or active call to action? What’s the difference? Let’s say you have a leaking pipe in your bathroom, and water is running out onto the floor. Or your computer breaks down, and you must have an important presentation-ready the next day. You are […]