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7-Week Business Transformation

Learn how to build to smart business to give you time and money freedom!

With Luke Fatooros

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I started my first business at age 23 in my father's shed and turned $800 into a $12 million business in 5 years. Then I lost the lot. I tried again and built a business valued at $3.5 million in under 3 years, created one of Australia's most successful online business coaching programs, and created and sold a business for $820k after just fourteen months to an Australian public listed company.

Plus, I have been a successful business coach to over 700+ very happy businesses owners over the past 12 years.


The answer is the 7-Week Business Transformation Program – a hype-free, void of misleading "get rich schemes" business coaching solution I have created over 25 years. It is filled with my life's real, practical, street smart lessons and experiences.

Introducing the 7-Week Business Transformation Program

The 7-Week Business Transformation program covers 13 steps that sequentially lock together (like lego) to help you build a smart business to give you time and money freedom.

Are you looking for a business coach to help you take your business to the next level? A business coach who has the proven, practical, street smart knowledge and experience from scratch building 5 highly successful businesses across 3 countries?

Are you looking for a proven business coaching solution that allows you to compete in today's highly competitive landscape?

Do you want to stop losing sales to smarter competition and do you want to short circuit years of trying to figure out what to do?

Photo of Baden Behrens - owner of Sea Breeze Shutters

“Helped me go from $10k to $30k in 1 month”

Confidence and clarity of direction to get the best results the fastest. Luke's business coaching helped me go from $10k to $30k in 1 month. Oct was my best month ever: $15k sales without me involved.

Baden Behrens

Sea Breeze Shutters

Photo of Tony Bloom - owner of Roster Portal

“6 figure passive income ”

Luke is a business coach who delivers clear, precise instructions have helped me create a 6-figure, recurring subscription business. For the first time in 5 years, my business now produces enough passive income for me to pay all my bills. Luke’s approach is authentic, direct, and cuts through all the confusion to help you get the results you want.

Tony Bloom

Roster Portal - Brisbane

Photo of Robin Elliott - owner of Leverage Advantage Systems

“4 figure passive income in 4 weeks”

Luke created a Joint Venture membership site for me that began generating a 4 figure, passive income stream after just 4 weeks. Luke’s business coaching ability to find gold is your business in unique and is the best I have come across in my 24 years of business!

Robin Elliott

Leverage Advantage Systems

Photo of Steve Pickette - owner of Pickette Plumbing

“Increased my profits by $68,000”

Before I started business coaching with Luke, I was a sole trader with a business that had ZERO value. After just 6 months, Luke restructured my business so that it had a VALUE OF $250,000. That is wealth I never knew existed! I also increased my profits by $68,000 in ONE year by using ONE SIMPLE JOINT VENTURE STRATEGY Luke showed me.

Steve Pickette

Pickette Plumbing

What's so special about the 7-Week Business Transformation program?

  1. Firstly, the 7-Week Business Transformation program has been created by me, Luke Fatooros, over the past 25 years of scratch building and running businesses both online and offline, across 3 countries.

    My business coaching lessons are real, practical, and really do work. They are free of hype or misleading "instant get-rich schemes" that so many con artists use today to lure people in.

  2. Secondly, we see this at the beginning of our journey together.

    As you and your business grow, we are here to support you through the entire life cycle of your business. That is a peace of mind many of our long-term client's love and enjoy.

  3. Thirdly, we are a complete business coaching success solution. To have a successful business, you must have all the components correctly in place in order for your machine to work. It is no good just doing a marketing course, a sales course, or a digital strategy course. That's why so many people never get results from these. It's not that these courses are no good necessarily, but because you need all the other essential components to be working as well.

    We take all of these and ensure you build a successful business in the correct sequence, like lego blocks.

  4. Finally, my 7-Week Business Transformation Program was selected over almost a thousand other speakers to be presented live on stage at the 21st-century Financial Summit in Melbourne with Sir Richard Branson.

  5. Why was my business coaching program selected?

    Because of the authenticity of the program and the real results it has achieved for my clients. This was a breath of fresh air for the promoters and the audience, many of whom became our clients.

Looking for coaching in Brisbane to help you build a successful business...

7-Week Business Transformation Breakdown

Real Life Success Interviews


Start-up to Earning Over 6-Figures of Passive, Recurring Income Every Year


Struggling Solopreneur to 7-Figure International Digital Marketing Agency (20 staff)

Aaron and Phoebe

Start-up in Their Laundromat to International Skincare Distribution

Dr Theva

Transitioned from GP Doctor to Running 3 Successful Anti-Aging Clinics in 2 Years

Looking for a business coach in Brisbane...

Here's what we will be covering over the next 7 weeks together...


How to find your real customers who will buy from you the quickest

STEP 1: Position your business in a Red-Hot Niche
STEP 2: Create your competitive edge, so you stand out in the crowd


How to build your cash generating sales pipeline

STEP 3: Attract more customers to you, not your competition (using the “HOT POT” method)
STEP 4: Design your products and services to sell more, quicker!
STEP 5: Design an irresistible “HOOK” and an “Upsell Funnel” to higher-priced items


How to design a killer marketing plan that attracts cash paying, raving fans

STEP 6: Create an irresistible marketing message so customers shop with you, not your competition
STEP 7: Build a revenue-generating, marketing activity plan that outsmarts the competition


How to master your digital marketing strategy

STEP 8: Turn your website into a silent salesman
STEP 9: Create your tribe of superfans using social media
BONUS: Learn how to copy write and create compelling adverts that convert


How to create mega sales and super growth using joint ventures

STEP 10: Luke’s insider secrets to growing 2 multi-million businesses in record time


How to increase your revenue by 85% by working less

STEP 11: Restructure your business for unlimited growth
STEP 12: Achieve success on autopilot. More time, more freedom and greater wealth with less stress
BONUS: Learn how to implement systems to get your business working for you


How to build a mindset that attracts success

STEP 13: Develop your mental armour. Remove limiting anchors holding you back from achieving success. Stay motivated. Build confidence and self-esteem.

Photo of Dr Theva Thevakumar - owner of Dr T's Aesthetics

“Sales are up by an incredible 40%”

I have been working with Luke for the last 6 months. It’s been an eye-opener and rewarding experience. Sales are up by an incredible 40%. Luke is an authentic business coach who genuinely cares about your success. His no-nonsense strategies really work and totally aligns with my thinking and values. He is hands down the best business mentor I have had so far.

Dr Theva Thevakumar

Dr T's Aesthetics

Photo of Mick and Sandy  - owner of Scorpion Sheet Metal

“Best sales in 10 years of being in business by focusing on the right things”

Sandy had our tax return done yesterday and I think this is worth sharing with all of you. If there was anybody out there doubting themselves and what they are doing, I am here to tell you I was in the same position 12 months ago. Simply by putting a few of the strategies into practice, we have been taught by Luke and Alan, simply switching around the time I spend on actually making the products I sell to getting out there and doing the selling, and making those phone calls I didn’t want to do (realising now this is the truth and I just told myself at the time I would do it later). We now find ourselves having the best sales in the month of April that we have had in 10 years I have been in business. Over 125% up on the previous best monthly sales and in a business climate that is easily one of the worst I have endured

Mick and Sandy

Scorpion Sheet Metal - Brisbane

Photo of Andrea Robinson - owner of Photo Tour Experts

“Clarity and focus I need to get results”

Luke’s monthly, personal business coaching has given me the clarity and focus I need to get results. With his input, my 1-day photo workshops are SOLD OUT, 2 months in.

Andrea Robinson

Photo Tour Experts - Brisbane

Photo of Fiona Lee Saunders - owner of Numerology Zone

“Changed the way I interact with potential clients”

Working with Luke as my business coach has made me so clear about the purpose of my business that it has changed the way I interact with potential clients. Because of this I was able to secure 4 new clients worth $120 each in just 4 weeks! This month my target is 8 clients! Exciting times!

Fiona Lee Saunders

Numerology Zone - Brisbane

Looking for coaching in Brisbane to help you get similar results...

What you get if you join our 7-Week business coaching program today

1. Immediate Access

Weeks 1-7 Modules. 130 Business coaching training videos, workbooks and workshops in your private members only area. Your step by step building blocks to transform your business.

2. Weekly Live Business Coaching & Support

Each week for 7 weeks you join your dedicated business coach who works alongside you, answers your questions, discusses business growth strategies, sets direction and prioritises tasks to get you your quickest wins

3. Community

Be surrounded by other business owners all on a similar journey to you. Learn, share, support, form new friendships and discover new ideas – all in our private and secure members forum.

4. Lifetime Access

After 7 weeks, you enjoy lifetime access to all business coaching modules, upgrades and community support

5. Business Coaching Webinar Series

FREE access valued at over $4k to the entire archives. Practical, street smart tips and tricks for increasing sales, fast tracking your progress and staying ahead of the competition

6. 1/2 Day Mastermind Strategy Workshop

FREE ticket valued at $1500. Listen, learn and experience next level business plans, strategies and discussions with our Business & Wealth Mastery clients at these exclusive events

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Every tip and strategy in my business coaching programs have been personally used by myself and my business partners to achieve success in the real business world. There are no misleading theories or information that simply sounds good. They are all real, practical, proven street smart strategies that really do work.

Looking for a business coach in Brisbane...

What happens after the 7 weeks?

Firstly, you graduate.

Once you complete the 7 weeks training, you graduate.

  • You receive a "Graduation Certificate"
  • You receive a "I've Been Renovated T-Shirt"
  • You are welcomed into our "Graduates Community"

Secondly, you have several choices that we discuss with you each step of the way.

You have three choices:

Option 1

You can choose not to have ongoing support as you grow your business. That is okay as you have lifetime access to the business coaching modules and lifetime access to our community forum.

Option 2

You can join our Business Mastery Program, which is a fortnightly business coaching support program.

Option 3

You can join our Wealth Mastery Program, which is a weekly business coaching support program and includes quarterly half-day Mastermind Strategy sessions with Luke

Options 2 and 3 are by invitation only. If you are in a position right now where you want to cut to the chase and want advanced business coaching at these levels right away, please feel free to email us directly here, and we will arrange a no-obligation call-in together.

Photo of Fabe Keily - owner of What Working Women Want

“Luke's strategies are in the top rankings in the world”

Luke’s street smart business coaching tips and strategies for helping you grow your business are definitely in the top ranking in the world.

Fabe Keily

What Working Women Want - Brisbane

Photo of Amanda Bude - owner of Groovy Babies

“April and May my best months so far”

My month of April and May have been my best so far. 5 Hypnobirthing clients, 8 sleep clients, and 5 baby massages clients…wow! Thanks so much. I am looking forward to the 25-26th May weekend. The last 7 weeks have been life-changing.

Amanda Bude

Groovy Babies - Australia

Photo of Tim Bennet - owner of Managed Growth Australia

“Your genuine approach and your authentically ethical foundations are refreshing”

I have just finished my hour-long “one on one” business coaching session and I am feeling empowered, enthusiastic, and motivated. I am a technical worker who has some business experience and I know the nuts and bolts of what I do. The work I have done with you has completely turned my approach around. I have found that the process Luke and Alan follow to refocus my thinking, really know who I am selling to, and coming to understand what message will get them to act is gold. Sadly, they didn’t teach this us at school or uni, but I guess that gives those of us who discover it the edge over all the competition. Your genuine approach and your authentically ethical foundations are refreshing and in sync with the way businesses will be in the future. Putting people at the centre is a major key! Thanks for your passion, your very personal approach, your prompt action and willingness to assist

Tim Bennet

Managed Growth Australia - Australia

Photo of Brigette Sigley  - owner of Focus on Living

“Stopped me procrastinating and start working on the fundamental areas to get my new business firing ”

I did the 7-Week Business Transformation Program to help launch my new business. I wanted to minimise those lonely days of new business where it is only my strategies and input and have support to get advice and accelerate quickly. The course stopped me procrastinating and start working on the fundamental areas to get my new business firing such as defining my niche, website, Facebook, and joint venturing. There are some very savvy business owners on this program who provided me with invaluable feedback. I am now on the monthly business coaching program to make sure I stay on track and focus on the revenue-generating activities that will make me the money the quickest. And not get side-tracked with the activities that erode my profits and drain my time. Both Luke and Alan are great mentors and really know what they are talking about. The money I see as an investment that will save me thousands of dollars in the long run. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who wants to build a successful business and someone like me starting out from scratch and wanting to minimise costly mistakes and the early pain.

Brigette Sigley

Focus on Living - Australia

Why do we bother to find out if the 7-Week Business Transformation program is right for you?

It's easier to try con you into just signing up by promising you the world, take your money, and then hope all just works out.

But we want this to be the beginning of a journey with you. We are not interested in taking your money and wasting both our time. There is no win in this, so what's the point. You land up disappointed, and we land up frustrated.

The short application process accesses if we are the right fit for each other.

Not all businesses can be fixed, and not all business owners can be helped.

It's true. I have been doing this a long time.

To work out if our 7-Week Business Transformation program is right for you, we have a 2 step process:

Step 1

Take a short 3 min questionnaire

We see this as the start of a journey together. We need to ensure we are clear on where you are at, where you want to be, and can we get you there. This protects you, so you do not waste your time or money.

Step 2

Schedule your free 45 minutes, no-obligation Business Health X-Ray Consultation valued at $295

During this 1-1 strategy session, we will pinpoint your top 3 challenges, identify your quickest wins, and see if the 7-Week Business Transformation Program is right for you.

Here you get to know us. We get to know you, and we discover if this is a natural fit, so we get started on the right foot.

Business Health X-Ray

Make sure you are choosing the right business coaching program for you and your team..

Who is Luke Fatooros anyway?

I am no one special. I am just a regular guy who has been building businesses since the age of 23 and made many mistakes along the way, including a $12 million mistake that cost me my entire first business.

I have also been a successful business coach and mentor for the past 12 years.

People want solutions. I get this but building a business takes hard work, patience, and commitment. There certainly are smarter and easier ways to do things, but there are no shortcuts to success.

This is the simple, honest truth.

Business has always been my passion since I was a little kid. I have always loved helping others try to improve their businesses by doing easier and smarter things. After the monumental failure of my first business and then the subsequent successes of my next 5 businesses, I was able to easily identify what common mistakes most other business owners were making, day after day.

"They were not doing tasks in their business to set themselves up for the future. They were doing tasks to get themselves through the day."

They were working to make profits today, not creating wealth for their future. Because they were Self Employed and their businesses were dependant on them running it, their businesses held very little value. In contrast, the Business Owners' businesses were not dependant on them. Their systems ran their businesses, generating profits consistently. These businesses therefore held significantly greater values.

My discoveries made me aware of the massive opportunity to help people in business to become Business Owners and build a SMART business to give them TIME and MONEY FREEDOM.

And who better to help them than someone who has fallen down the cliff and reclimbed back up?

And so I created my 7-Week Business Transformation Program.

This highly successful business coaching program has 13 steps (broken down into 7 weeks). The secret is in the sequencing. The 13 steps sequentially link together to help you build a successful business to give you time and money freedom.

Every business I have built that has struggled, and every client's business I have fixed has had steps missing or out of sequence, every time!

Everyone in business who has taken risks and made sacrifices along the way deserves a good outcome!

Ask yourself if what you are doing right now in your business is setting you up for your future? If it isn't, then maybe we should talk sometime.

Why should you be confident my 7-Week Business Transformation program works?

1. Over 700+ Very Happy Business Owners

I have been coaching and mentoring business owners for the past 12 years. Over 700+ very happy and satisfied business owners have completed the 7-Week Business Transformation program and have gone on to reach their goals and dreams.

I would love the same for you!

2. Building My Own Successful Businesses

My 7-Week Business Transformation Course has been developed and refined over 25 years of building businesses in the real world.

Using these 13 Steps I...

  • Turned $800 in my father's shed into a $12 million business in 5 years
  • Built an international distribution business valued at $3.5 million in under 3 years
  • Created one of Australia's most successful online business coaching programs
  • Started and sold a business for $820k after just fourteen months to an Australian public listed company

3. Business Awards

I have received the following awards:

Microsoft Hi 5 Award

Microsoft OEM, South Africa

Award for producing one of the top five national sales teams in the country, age 26.

Ernst Young Business Achievement Award

Ernst Young/ Sunday Tribune Entrepreneur of the Year Award

For co-founding a business at age 23 with $800 in my father's shed and creating a $12 million retail and B2B business in 4 years. Award acknowledged exceptional entrepreneurial skills, sales team management, motivation abilities and ground-breaking marketing strategies.

Wesbank Cashpower Award

Wesbank Finance South Africa

Award for pioneering consumer finance solutions into mainstream computer retailing in South Africa, and for achieving $1 million sales in 1st year.

4. 2x Amazon #1 Best Selling Author


5. Real Results — Fast!

For the past 12 years, businesses from Brisbane and around the world have enjoyed real results from my 7-Week Business Coaching program.

My 14 Day, 100% satisfaction money back, peace of mind guarantee

If you are not satisfied after 14 days, I will refund you in full. There are no catches.

My business coaching team and I are here to help you achieve your goals faster than you would by yourself. Just like we have for hundreds of students around the world.

We have a proven, genuine business coaching system to do this.

We are not interested in taking your money and wasting both our time. No one wins. What's the point. My lessons are the exact strategies and formulas I have used to build all my businesses. But if they are not right for you, then that is completely okay.

However, they could change your life. Upfront, you have complete and unrestricted access to all the modules and bonuses. You have no risk and nothing to lose, only lots to gain.

I think this is a great risk-free way for you to see for yourself whether we really know what we are doing and can genuinely help you. As mentioned before, we see this as the beginning of an incredible journey together, so let’s make sure it begins on the right foot.

Your new chapter begins here today with just one step...

Thank you for reading this far. You must be serious about changing your life and living it on your terms. I want to help you do that.

I certainly would enjoy helping you on your business journey, whatever stage you are at, to reach your lifestyle of choice.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

I wish you the very best on your journey, and I look forward to meeting you.