12 Step Passive Income with Joint Ventures

A 12-Step Blueprint to learn how anyone can create passive income for life, even if you have no idea, start-up capital, or experience!

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Have a Business That is Not Producing Passive Income? Don’t Have An Idea, Start-up Capital, or a Business? Don’t Worry…

I’m Luke Fatooros and I’m here to teach you how the powerful techniques of Joint Ventures can help you go from complete beginner to earning $1k – $10k / month passively in the next 6-12 months, regardless of your age, experience or financial circumstance.

Real-Life Results

3 Real Life Case Studies

How Anyone Can Begin to Create Passive Income using Joint Ventures With No Startup Capital or Experience Today!

Real Life Case Study

How Steve the Plumber Created Multiple, Passive, Recurring Income in His Business With NO Overheads or Risk!

Real Life Case Study

How to Build a $100k Business Using Joint Ventures With Limited Resource, Money & Experience.

I have been building businesses since I was 23. My number 1 secret to creating passive, recurring income streams in every one of my businesses is through Joint Ventures. I have repeated this process 4 times and it changed my life. Joint Ventures gave me a lifestyle of my choice from a very early age. TIME & MONEY FREEDOM! This lifestyle is possible and I want you to experience it too!

Who is the Create Passive Income Using Joint Ventures Course for?

If you have an existing business and you want to add multiple, recurring, passive income streams…

  • Without increasing overheads
  • With no additional risk
  • To free up cash flow quickly
  • By doing the work once and continue to get paid


If you want to create a home-based business so you can…

  • Break the 9-5 rut forever
  • Eliminate debt

And you can do this with

  • No Business Idea
  • Zero risk
  • No Overheads
  • No Selling
  • No experience
  • No start-up capital

And you can begin today regardless of age, background, or financial circumstance.
Then this course is for you!

What you will learn in the Create Passive Income using Joint Ventures Course

Course Outline:


Discover the startling truth why your financial freedom is a lot closer than you think and the greatest mistake why most never achieve it. A 5 Step-Step guide to setting your realistic Financial Freedom figure and then achieving it through Joint Ventures.


Learn how to create your own Joint Ventures without any experience, overheads, selling, risk, or capital. Discover how easy it is to use Joint Ventures to set up recurring, passive income streams working from home, or in your existing business.


Advanced cash-generating tools, so you can secure more deals faster, with the right people. Learn how to maximize your income in the least amount of time. Find the most lucrative business opportunities and learn exactly how you should approach businesses so you can seal the deal. Learn what to say, when to say it, and want mistakes to avoid that could cost you a lot of money.


The secrets to correctly using GC’s to increase sales massively. Golden tips for identifying which businesses to target that will make you the most money. Learn to use GC’s to create additional, recurring, passive income streams. Learn how to attract new customers, consistently using GC’s.

Learn from 2 real-life case studies of students who have taken these lessons and are making real money. The first one is how Rupert makes $5000 every month Joint Ventures. The second is how Claudette made $11 000 in just 21 days using the Joint Venture strategies taught right here.


Learn what unconverted leads are and why they are so valuable. Discover which unconverted leads are the most lucrative cash opportunities, where you find them, and how you turn them into passive cash streams using Joint Ventures.


Learn how can you boost your profits and sales with Trade and Barter. Discover what is “Cash Conversion” and how you use Trade and Barter even if you don’t have a business.


Learn why a Centre of Influence is such a valuable resource and how you can you turn these connections into passive, recurring income streams. Discover the secret to getting Centres of Influence to WANT to work with you and why it’s hard for others to reach them (but not for you).


In this module, you will learn:

  • What sets this system apart from asking people for referrals
  • Why this is the Ultimate Prospecting Tool
  • How it works in any business looking for more sales
  • How to you select Powerful Referral partners
  • 3 Secrets to successfully using this system
  • Advanced Triangulation Method for making even more money

In this module, you will learn:

  • To create wealth using a system that can be duplicated instead of a one-off project
  • A Step-by-Step, recipe for setting up and instituting the “Customer Reactivation System”
  • 3 Traps to avoid when implementing this powerful program
  • A Little-known bonus that can virtually guarantee success
  • 4 Keys to success when using this system

In this module, you will learn:

  • What is a Joint Venture agent and why this is such a smart choice
  • How to make money without selling your time
  • A step by step guide to DOING IT RIGHT
  • 3 Traps to avoid
  • How to boost your Joint Venture agency income by 4 times or more
  • 3 Tips to make this work really well: Scalability / Duplication = Big Bucks!

In this module, you will learn:

  • What is Contingency Advertising?
  • How to grab massive advertising exposure at No Risk and with ZERO Budget
  • Of abundant opportunities to grow your business
  • A Step-by-Step plan of how to make it work
  • How to track your sales

In this module, you will learn:

  • What is Private Labelling? (Real-Life Examples)
  • How you can use PL to expand your own business product and service distribution
  • How you can broker deals to create further recurring, passive income streams
  • How you can find PL opportunities to sell proven products and services in your area or to your chosen niche market

Bonus Inclusions

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Bonus 1: How a Picture Frame Added $25k/ Month in Passive Income Using Joint Ventures

Join me in this Real Life Case Study as I walk you through the exact steps of how we achieved this and how you can easily do the same.

Value: $297 Now: FREE!



Bonus 2: EXCLUSIVE LIVE INTERVIEW: Joint Ventures with Luke Fatooros

Join me in this live interview where I explain what it takes to be successful in Joint Ventures and the steps I used to create 2 multi-million dollar businesses.

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Bonus 3: FREE Report: How you can start earning money today using Joint Ventures

A few simple steps to begin this incredibly powerful process right away.

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Bonus 4: How I Used Joint Ventures to Turn $800 into a $12 Million Business in 5 Years

How I built a $12 million business with limited capital, resource, and experience

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Grab your FREE bonuses while you can!

How the Create Passive Income Using Joint Ventures Course Works

  • Each week has a complete set of training videos and tools. I guide you through each of the steps for that week. I workshop real-life case studies with you while you build your business in the interactive workbooks
  • You receive complete access, upfront, to all 12 Steps online training videos
  • Login 24/7. You work at your own pace and convenience

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Every tip and strategy in my courses have been personally used by myself and my business partners to achieve success in the real world. There are no misleading theories or information that simply sounds good. They are all real, practical, proven street smart strategies that really do work.

Limited-Time-Only, Lifetime Access Offer

If you ENROL TODAY, you have lifetime access to the Creative Passive Income Using Joint Ventures Course.

The Lifetime Access Special offered in the Master Class is only available for a limited time, and will shortly become a monthly subscription.

Why? I personally answer all support questions (not my assistants). When I reach capacity or I feel I am not longer able to provide the level of support required, this offer expires.

Enrol today to secure your lifetime access!

Genuine Support to Ensure You Succeed

Support is as crucial as the course itself. We all know this and how important it is for your success.

Starting a business can be a daunting process. Trying to survive in business can be exhausting, especially if you are always trying to solve the problems yourself. Being an entrepreneur can also be a very lonely ride.

I understand this completely. I have been doing this for most of my adult life, and many times I have had to deal with struggles and pain alone.

To ensure you are supported and not alone, I have created a structured support program that has proven itself many times over.

My support ensures your learnings are embedded correctly, and you succeed long term. The options available depend on how serious or how quickly you want results.

Check out the support options and real-life success stories here.

My 30 Day 100{875ab96ec8b1ac7ff1f3c13af9f4473a7a32ea2a5d79b97b6f426058d9bb3cb4} satisfaction money back,
peace of mind guarantee

If you are not satisfied, I will refund you in full within 30 days. There are no catches. My courses have helped hundreds of students around the world and are the exact strategies and formulas I have used to build all my businesses. But if they are not right for you, then they are not right for you.

Upfront, you have complete and unrestricted access to all the modules and bonuses. You have no risk and nothing to lose, only lots to gain.

Managing your expectations about Create Passive
Income Using Joint Ventures Course

I want to very clear about my courses. I do not promise instant riches, magic potions, or get rich schemes. If you are looking for a magic show where the money falls out of your computer or the sky, then this is not for you. My Create Passive Income Using Joint Ventures Course has helped hundreds of students around the world to build successful businesses. You can meet many of them in my Facebook forum and support programs. They are active contributors who generously offer their advice and share experiences with those who need a helping hand.

The question is; “Will this course work for you?”

If you:

  • Are prepared to follow the steps as they are laid out (in sequence)
  • Watch the videos and complete the workbooks for each week
  • Ask questions when you get stuck
  • Apply the lessons. Listen to advice and feedback from the group
  • Keep going and don’t quit
  • Are genuinely serious about building a highly successful business

Then YES, my course will definitely help you achieve your goals.

FAQs about Create Passive Income Using Joint Ventures Course

How long will I have access to the course for?
Right now, for a lifetime. But the Lifetime Access Special offered is only available for a limited time and will become a monthly subscription shortly. Why? I personally answer all support questions (not my assistants). When I reach capacity or I feel I am not longer able to provide the level of support required, this offer expires.

What if I want a refund?
I am happy to refund you in full. You have a 30 day, 100{875ab96ec8b1ac7ff1f3c13af9f4473a7a32ea2a5d79b97b6f426058d9bb3cb4} satisfaction guarantee.

Will I get full access to the course all at once?
Yes. You get access to everything, upfront.

I do not have an idea for a business, nor any business experience and have limited startup capital, can I still use Joint Ventures to create passive income streams?
Yes! This is the power and secrets of Joint Ventures. You use the resource, expertise, infrastructure, and leverage of others to build your business. This is smart business. You are tapping into where the cash is already flowing, so you do not have to create your own wheel. Most people simply do not know about Joint Ventures or how to use them effectively. This course hand holds you from the very beginning to ensure the essential foundations are correctly in place. These help you avoid the common fatal mistakes most make starting out. This fast tracks your progress and saves you a lot of pain, wasted money, and time.

I have an existing business, but my cash flow is tight, my profits are low, and I am working insane hours, will Joint Ventures help me?
Yes! Joint Ventures are the single, fastest way to grow your business and add, recurring, passive income streams with the least amount of risk. By using Joint Ventures, you are leveraging your business so it can grow independently of you. This course guides you step by step on how to set up successful Joint Ventures. This process means you have more TIME AND MONEY FREEDOM.

Any other questions?
I will gladly answer your questions. I understand this is a big decision for you. I want you to be 100{875ab96ec8b1ac7ff1f3c13af9f4473a7a32ea2a5d79b97b6f426058d9bb3cb4} confident in your decision. I have enrolled in many courses in my time. My pet hate is when the creator of them hides behind the cash register. They want your money upfront and then answer your questions afterwards.

I prefer this the other way around. I want to answer your questions upfront, so you know whether you are making the right decision or not.

Please email me your questions directly by clicking the Contact Tab above.

Your new chapter begins here
today with just one step…

Thank you for reading this far. You must be serious about changing your life and living it on your terms. I want to help you do that.

I genuinely look forward to meeting you on the other side and helping you succeed on your journey.

All the best.


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