BOOK 1: 1-Page Planner 8-Part Video Companion Course

Free Step-Step Video Training + Workbooks on how to get the best results from my #1 Best Seller: How to Discover Your Red-Hot Niche of Cash Paying Raving Fans.

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Who is the 1-Page Planner: How to discover your red-hot niche for?

Got an idea but not sure where to start? Have a business that needs a boost? Want to find your red-hot, lucrative niche of ready to buy, cash-paying raving fans? Want to create your X-factor to stand out amongst your competition?

Then the 1-Page Planner is for you.

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What videos are included in the 8-part companion course?

  • Video 1: Why Do Traditional Businesses Fail
  • Video 2: STEP 1 Overview
  • Video 3: How to Find Your Red-Hot Niche Even if You Have No Idea or Business
  • Video 4: How to Build a Smart Business
  • Video 5: Unlocking Cash Opportunities in Red-Hot Niches
  • Video 6: STEP 1: Position Your Business in a Red-Hot-Niche Using the 1-Page-Planner
  • Video 7: STEP 2 Overview
  • Video 8: STEP 2: Create Your Competitive Edge Using the 1-Page-Planner
  • Video 9: BONUS Additional Tools to Create Your Killer X-factor
  • Video 10: BONUS How to Create a Killer 1 Page Marketing Flyer using the 1-Page-Planner
  • Video 11: BONUS How to Find Your First Customer and Explode Sales Using Joint Ventures
  • Video 12: One More Thing: Important

What workbooks are included in the 8-part companion course?

  • Workbook 1: My 1-Page Competitive Edge Planner for Targeting Raving Fans
  • Workbook 2: How to find lucrative red-hot niches if you have no idea or business
  • Template 1: 1-Page-Planner

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