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Compelling Ads

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Target the Right Audience

To maximise your ad spend


And adjust your strategy for best results

Your Budget

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Your Campaigns

As your business grows

Balance Business
and Family

With effective ad management techniques

Why I Created the Facebook Ads for Mums in Business Masterclass

Hi, I'm Helena!

As a mum and a successful business owner, I know firsthand the struggles of balancing family life and running my own digital marketing business.

Five years ago, my life took an unexpected turn when I found out I was pregnant. My thriving career as a Restaurant Manager suddenly seemed incompatible with motherhood. Dual incomes vanished, and our financial stability was in jeopardy.

Been there – done that?

Here’s what happened next:

– Dual Incomes? Gone!

– Finances? Strained!

– Career Aspirations? On hold!

– Professional Identity? Lost!

I was desperate to get my life, finances and future back on track.

I needed a solution that allowed me to contribute to my family’s income without sacrificing precious time with my newborn son.

At the restaurant, I helped with digital marketing, specifically social media. I discovered a passion for social media and Facebook advertising.

The owner was paying expensive monthly fees to a digital marketing agency, and yet, I was producing better results, at a fraction of the budget spent.

I realised I could help other business owners with cost-effective strategies. And I began looking for courses and coaching to help expand my knowledge.

But here is the problem…..

Where do you start? There is an overload of YouTube bro’s, Hot Shot diva’s and Young Tech wannabes all screaming at you to buy now, or miss out etc, etc.

Most had no real-life experience, except for making money selling courses.

They were overpriced, were filled with complicated tech jargon, and had very little flexibility and support.

They had absolutely no idea about a busy mum trying to make life work while growing her business.

I knew I could make a difference for mums trying to grow their businesses while juggling family commitments.

I’m not a millionaire or a TikTok diva—just a mum who has mastered this powerful marketing skill.

Today, I run a successful digital marketing agency from home, helping mums like you take control of their advertising, independence, and future.

I help you build your business on your terms.

Don’t leave it in the hands of someone else. They will always have a story. Rather create your own.

To your success and freedom,

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Step By Step Breakdown
Practical, easy to follow training broken down into 6 Steps.
Case Studies
Real life examples. Learn from other’s failures and successes.
Online Workshops
Transform your business in real-time with my interactive, online workshops.
Unlimited Support​
Join my private business community. Ask questions. Get answers. Network. Share ideas and form friendships.
Life Time Access
24/7 unlimited access. Work at your own pace and convenience.

The 6 Step Masterclass Outline​

Step 1 – Discover & Build Your Audience
Define your audience’s demographics
Discover their lifestyle

Create a targeted custom audience

Includes Interactive Workbook
A target custom audience ensures your ad reaches the right people who want to buy your stuff
Step 2 – Identify Pain Points and Desires
Identify your audiences pain points

Identify your audiences desired outcomes

Tailor craft your highly effective FB ads

Includes Interactive Workbook
A specifically tailor crafted FB ad improves your click-through rate and conversions = more profitable ads + less ad spend
Step 3 – Stop the Scroll With Killer Ad Content

Choose high quality, engaging images

List pain points and desires to ad copy

Create a catchy headline

Add a clear Call to Action (CTA)

Includes Interactive Workbook
Always create 3-4 variations of your ad. Why? FB chooses your best-performing ad
Step 4 – Determining Your Daily Budget

Consider your target audience size

Determine your potential amount of competition

Decide on the duration of your campaign

Insider Tip
It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about how smart you spend
Step 5 – Choose the Right Platform

Review your target audience preferences

Analyse your ad content

Consider your daily budget

Insider Tip
Each platform has unique demographics, user behaviours and engagement styles. Choose what is right for your audience
Step 6 – Watch, Learn & Adjust
Understand what metrics to watch
Anaylse the data to discover what works and what doesn’t

Optimise for better results

Insider Tip
The secret to Facebook Ads success is your ability to watch, learn and adjust. Focus on what is working. Eliminate what isn’t.

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

My Successs as a Mum in Business ... I Would Love to Add You Here!

Successfully Launching a 17-Year-Old School Kid’s Shopify Store, Earning $2500_Month using facebook advertising

Successfully Launching a 17-Year-Old School Kid’s Shopify Store, Earning $2500/Month

Revitalising a Beauty Therapist’s Struggling_ Business in 6 Weeks using facebook advertising

Revitalising a Beauty Therapist’s Struggling Business in 6 Weeks

Catapulting a Business Coach’s 2 Books Number #1 Amazon Best-Sellers using facebook advertising

Catapulting a Business Coach’s 2 Books
to Number #1 Amazon Best-Sellers

Helping a Client Sell Over $100,000 of _Online Business Courses using facebook advertising

Helping a Client Sell Over $100,000 of Online Business Courses

Transforming a Cash-Strapped Aesthetics Clinic Into a $1 Million Yearly Business using facebook advertising

Transforming a Cash-Strapped Aesthetics Clinic Into a $1 Million Yearly Business 

Fully Book Out a Tradie Services _Business in 3 Days using facebook advertising

Fully Booking Out a Tradie Services Business in 3 Days

Other Business Owners Like You

“Success on a Shoestring Budget “

“As a 17-year-old school kid with not much budget or experience, Helena was able to make my little Shopify business a great success, Going from $0 to $2500/month. Thank you.”

Blaize Lekker Ekse – Gold Coast
“I was left me high and dry, and by a previous agency. I had a limited budget and did not know who to trust.

In just 6 weeks, with Helena’s incredible support and knowledge my business has turned around.”

Lise Viva Wellness – Brisbane

“Booked Out in 3 Days”

“I’ve spent thousands on Google and Facebook ads and was never successful.

Helena’s 6-Step Facebook ads system helped us get booked out in 3 days. Helena is trustworthy, supportive and really is a standout in this digital field.”

Steve Diamond Tradies – Gold Coast
“Forever Grateful”

“I was burnt by several marketing agencies who charged the earth with no real results.

Helena proved to be exactly what my aesthetics clinic needed. her 6 Step Facebook Ads System has grown my business to over seven figures.

I am forever grateful.”

Dr Theva
DrT Aesthetics – Melbourne

Unlimited Support in Our Private Facebook Community

As part of your enrolment in Masterclass, you’ll gain exclusive access to our vibrant and supportive online community.

Connect with like-minded business owners, share experiences, ask questions, and receive ongoing support from me personally.

Together, we’ll navigate the world of Facebook advertising, ensuring you have the confidence and knowledge to grow your business successfully.

Your 30-Day 100% Satisfaction, Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee

It’s very important to me that you get incredible value from my masterclass. It contains all of my hard work over the last 5 years and I hold nothing back. I genuinely reveal all of my tips, strategies and secrets that have changed my life and many other business owners just like you.

I’m confident you will gain significant value from my master class but if for any reason you feel you didn’t,  I’ll refund you in full no questions asked.

Simply email me and we’ll refund you right away, and you’ll still get to keep access to the masterclass, the workbook, tools, strategies and knowledge.

This way you have zero risk, nothing to lose, only everything to gain.
100% satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

My Journey So Far

Take Control of Your Business, Finances and Life

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Common Questions About the Facebook Ads Masterclass

A Facebook Ads Masterclass is an in-depth training session designed to teach you the ins and outs of creating, managing, and optimising Facebook ads.


For women in business, this masterclass can be transformative. It provides actionable strategies to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to your website, and ultimately boost sales. By understanding Facebook’s advertising platform, you’ll be able to reach your ideal audience more effectively, maximising your marketing return on investment (ROI).

The Facebook Ads Masterclass is perfect for women in business, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a small business owner, or managing a larger team. If you want to leverage the power of Facebook advertising to grow your business, this course is for you.

It’s tailored for those who may have limited experience with Facebook ads but want to learn how to create compelling ad campaigns that convert.
Absolutely! The Facebook Ads Masterclass is structured to be beginner-friendly.

You don’t need any prior experience with Facebook ads to benefit from this course. The step-by-step guidance ensures that women in business can quickly grasp the concepts and start creating effective ad campaigns.

By the end of the masterclass, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to run successful Facebook ads.

This Facebook Ads Masterclass is uniquely tailored for women in business, focusing on practical, real-world applications rather than just theory and complicated jargon.


It includes personalised workbooks and real-life case studies.


Additionally, the interactive 90-minute video session allows for a more engaging and hands-on learning experience, ensuring you can apply what you learn immediately to your business.

You will see noticeable improvements in your ad performance after implementing the strategies learned in the Facebook Ads Masterclass.


While results can vary depending on your business and industry, my step-by-step approach ensures that you can create and optimise ads that effectively reach and engage your target audience, leading to more impactful results for your business.

Yes, after completing the Facebook Ads Masterclass, you’ll gain access to a private online community of women in business where you can share experiences, ask questions, and receive ongoing support.

No, you don’t need a large budget to see significant results from Facebook advertising.


The Facebook Ads Masterclass teaches you how to maximise your ad spend, no matter your budget.


You’ll learn cost-effective strategies and budget management techniques that allow your small business to achieve great results even with limited resources.

This is not a magic show. It is 5 years of my life, packaged into a simplified, logical, 6 step plan.


It will require work, effort and commitment such as I did to get my outcomes. If you are expecting miracles to happen without putting in the groundwork, then this is not for you.

Setting up Facebook on the back end of Facebook is the easy part. There are tons of free stuff and information available on how to fill in the boxes.


This blueprint and master class training focuses on how you make money from Facebook Ads – just like I have. There is a significant difference.


The money lies in the creation and strategies of successful ads. Once you know how to do this, you can then set them up in the back end of Facebook.


However if you are looking growing your technical skills in this area, at the end of the masterclass I have a special offer on my Advanced Facebook Advertising Course.



My masterclass is designed with busy mums in mind, including those who may not feel confident with technology.


I provide step-by-step guidance and support throughout the entire learning process, making it easy for anyone to grasp the concepts and techniques involved in Facebook advertising.


My approach is beginner-friendly and tailored to accommodate varying levels of technical expertise.


Whether you’re a tech-savvy mumpreneur or just starting out, you’ll find our masterclass accessible and empowering. I’m here to help you succeed every step of the way!

Yes! Once you enrol in the masterclass, you’ll have lifetime access to all materials, including videos, workbooks and templates.


You can revisit the content at any time to refresh your knowledge or reference specific topics as needed.