You’re closer than you think

If I asked you right now, “How much money do you think you need to be Financially Free,” what would your answer be?

“$1 million, $200k, $2 million, $450k?”  Why? Perhaps your answers look like this: “I can pay off my car loans, credit cards, student loans. I will have enough money in my savings account to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I will have enough emergency funds and can build wealth by investing in real estate and the stock market.  

Do these sound familiar?

Well, here’s a secret…

You Are a Lot Closer to Achieving Financial Independence Than You Think

Being financially free is not dependant on how much money you earn. It is dependent on whether your income is passive, and if your passive income exceeds your expenses.

Let’s look at this example:

I live in a caravan, and my weekly living costs are $200. I receive $250 a week in passive income. I am, therefore, financially free and would have $50 left each week.

If I lived in a $5 million penthouse, and my weekly expenses were $10 000, and I received $7000 a week in passive income, I would not be financially free. I would be $3000 short each week.

The problem with believing numbers such as $1 million, $5 million, etc. will solve all your problems is not that the numbers are necessarily wrong, but rather the reality of actually achieving these numbers.

Statistics show that only 4% of all business owners will reach financial independence. 96% never will!

So how do you become one of the 4%? Try my simple 3 Step Process below:

3 Steps to Financial Freedom Using Joint Ventures

 I guarantee you will greatly improve your chances of being financially free:

  1. Create Your First Weekly “NEEDS” Financial Independence Target

Work out how much money you need (not want) to survive each week

Focus on achievable, realistic smaller numbers first.  I call this Your First Weekly “NEEDS” Financial Independence Target. It should be your first goal based on your needs (basic bills for survival), not your wants (new suit, fancy TV, etc).

Here your passive income exceeds your “needs” costs.

  1. Create Your First Weekly “WANTS” Financial Independence Target

Once you have reached the first “NEEDS” goal, you can then focus on Your First Weekly “WANTS” Financial Independence Target. This is based on your wants ( a new lounge suit, a holiday, etc.)

Here your passive income exceeds your “wants” costs.

  1. Create Your Second Weekly “WANTS” Financial Independence Target

Once you are generating enough passive income to cover your first weekly “WANTS” financial independence target, you can step this up and create your second weekly “WANTS” financial independence target.

This is a practical, broken down into bite sizes, building-block approach, to reach financial independence by creating passive income streams. It is not a magic hoax or some get rich – quick scheme.

So what are Joint Ventures?

Now the big question I know you are all asking is, “What are Joint Ventures, and how do I use these to create passive income to achieve financial independence?”

Joint Ventures are a skill that anybody can learn, even if you have no experience, idea, or start-up capital. Joint Ventures are my number one underlying secret to the rapid growth of all my businesses, hands down.

Joint Ventures are one of my passions. I love and have taught these powerful techniques for many years and helped many students create lifestyles are their choices.

3 Real-Life Case Studies of How to Use Joint Ventures to Create Passive Income for Financial Independence

Below are 3 videos I have created for you to show how powerful Joint Ventures really are and how anyone, regardless of financial circumstance, age, or background, can start earning passive income today.

Video 1 : 3 * Real Life Case Studies of how anyone can start earning passive
                 income using Joint Ventures

Video 2:  Real Life Case Study of how Steve the plumber added an extra
                $68,000 of passive income in his business in 1 year using Joint

Video 3: Real Life Case Study of how anyone can build a $100k business
using Joint Ventures