Covid! A word that sends shivers down the spines of many small business owners around the world. The Covid saga has wreaked havoc on both businesses and business owners’ lives.

This pandemic has shone a merciless spotlight on small businesses, highlighting how vulnerable their current business strategies really are. It contemporaneously raised the burning question of the sustainability of their businesses. Many who thought they had successful businesses built for the long term were hit with a harsh, reality slap.

The business landscape here in Brisbane and other states across Australia over the last year has taken a serious dent for traditional bricks and mortar businesses.  


Fragile World of Business


These “shock” events, uncertainty and dips in business growth always spark interest in companies seeking help, guidance and business coaching and mentoring for their businesses.

In 2008, during the last global financial crisis, another “shock event”, we saw a massive surge in the number of people seeking small business coaching services. The same has happened with Covid.

I can validate these small business enquiries. Many have come from my bestselling business books on AMAZON, which now sell in 12 countries.

The Enquiries for Small Business Coaching Have a Common Thread

Which small business coach do they choose to work with? How do they know if the small business coaching programs or services are real or just a hoax?

I completely understand why so many small business owners are sceptical of business coaching. They are also unsure of where to begin when looking for a business coach.

I am constantly upgrading my knowledge and business skills with courses, webinars and conferences. And what I find in my selection process is many are great sales presenters with very slick sale pitches, carefully crafted to tell you exactly what you want to hear and sell you your dream.

But they have never built their own businesses.

So How Do You Spot the Frauds and Identify the Small Business Coaches Who Can Genuinely Help You?

Between the thousands of misleaders, there are sincere and effective business coaches and mentors.

Here is a 3 step process to help you choose the right one.

This is a process I use that has served me very well over the years to find authentic business experts in their fields.

1. Work Out if You Are Dealing With an Authentic Expert or a Salesperson

A salesperson will always revert your questions back to a sales pitch and never give

you a tangible answer. An expert will answer you with solutions and tools to help you progress.

A salesperson is only interested in closing the sale and moving on to the next sale. An authentic business mentor is interested in seeing you succeed. 

2. Does Your Small Business Coach Have Proven Real-Life Experience, Backed by Authentic Case Studies?

Most of my clients have had business coaching before from other business coaches and have unfortunately endured unsuccessful experiences.

Why? Well, many business coaches and self-claimed experts have never built their own successful businesses in the real world. They have read a book, done a course or purchased a licence agreement to become a business coach. They then believe that this makes them qualified and ready to transform your business, but they have never made the business journey themselves.

This is like a man telling a woman how to give birth or a goldfish telling a monkey how to climb a tree.

I only ever work with people who have walked the path. They must have genuine evidence to support their claims. In today’s world, anyone can hide behind a great written sales page, claiming all sorts of dreams and miracles.

And unfortunately, these are everywhere.

So, unless you can see depth, substance, real-life case studies over and beyond the fancy sale page, I would be very wary. And I know I speak on behalf of the many small business owners who have been burnt in this process.

3. Does Your Small Business Coach Personally Answer All Your Questions Before You Buy?

I find this part the crunch. If I can’t easily find a support option, phone number or a contact option BEFORE I buy, I stay clear.

Whenever I am interested in investing and upskilling my knowledge, I make enquiries.

And I look for 4 red flags:

Red flag #1: Do you get a reply?

Many times I don’t receive an answer. If this person can’t get this simple part right, how are they going to give you small business advice and more advanced business strategies?

Red flag #2: How quickly do you get a reply?

This is pre-sale remember? If you wait several days for a reply, imagine what your support will be like after you have handed over your money.

Red flag #3: How detailed is your reply?

Pay attention to how much care and attention was given to your reply. Did they take the time to read your questions? Did they answer all your questions?

This will give you a great insight into the care factor and astuteness you are dealing with.

Secondly, are your answers really being answered, or are you given a “string along” sales pitch. A great favourite is “all will be explained once you have signed up.”

Red Flag #4: Push to solve or push to sell

When you are enquiring about small business coaching services, which of the following do you experience?

A genuine desire to understand exactly where you are at as a, where you want to be and can the small business coach actually help you solve your issue – this is an exploratory session.


A push to get you across the line. Details are vague, and solutions are unclear. Time, urgency and scarcity pressure tactics are used to close the sale – this is a sales session.

The two are very different. 

Unfortunately for most small business owners, they encounter pushy salesman instead of business coaches who are genuinely concerned with finding solutions for their business.

You want to be in a position where you are comfortable with your potential small business coach and confident in their ability to get you results. This comes about by verifiable case studies and experience, not fancy sales pitches.

Ask yourself if what you are doing right now in your business is helping you grow? If it isn’t, then maybe we chat about how my smart business system can help turn your business into a valuable asset to set you up for life. 

Find Out How a Small Business Coach Can Help You Grow Your Business Today

A Real Business Coach For Small Business Owners

Trying to survive in business can be exhausting, especially if you are always trying to solve the problems yourself. Are you frustrated, confused, and not sure what to do next? This is not how the picture of your business should look.

I understand this completely. I have been doing this for most of my adult life, and many times I have had to deal with struggles and pain alone

Being a small business owner doesn’t have to be a lonely ride.

  • Do you want help systemising your entire business operation, so you do not have to worry each day?
  • Need a practical exit strategy to turn your business into a valuable asset to set you up for life?
  • Want a proven marketing plan that has helped many other “offline” businesses just like yours to successfully integrate and grow their brand online?
  • Do you want to remove yourself from the daily grind and get your life back?
  • Do you want to optimise your business, improve efficiency, ramp up sales, maximise profits, reduce overheads and improve cash flow?
  • Need help managing and motivating your team to operate at optimum performance?

If so, we should have a chat.

You can learn more about my business coaching services here, and how to book in a free, no-obligation chat with me today. (valued at $295)

In the meantime, have a look at some real results from our previous clients. Many of them are small business owners who were struggling with similar issues you may be experiencing right now. 

I hope that you find this useful. If you would like a no-obligation, pitch-free business discovery session to see if we can help you get to where you want to go, then please book a time here.

I certainly would enjoy helping you on your business journey, whatever stage you are at, to reach your lifestyle of choice.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I look forward to discussing how we can get your business working for you.

As always, I wish you all the very best. 

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