Not Very Good at Copy Writing? Tips from an Experienced Business Coach on How to Write Powerful Sales Copy for Your Website

A lot of business owners find it difficult to write copy. Whether it’s for their website, digital marketing or for printed handouts.

But I’m here to bust the myth that you have to be super creative or super gifted to write copy that converts. I was not very good at English at school but I have taught myself over the last 25 years how to write effective website copy that sells.

Do you want more conversions and an improved conversion rate? Sick of your website, landing page or blog generating visitors without any actual paying clients?

When it comes to marketing your business online, there is a temptation to only concentrate on making the design great or tweaking the traffic source with SEO (search engine optimisation) to target the right kind of audience.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a necessary component of digital marketing and having your business online. But at the end of the day what is more important is emotionally engaging with your reader so that they take the next step and actually open their wallets and buy.

It’s all about closing the sale!
Unfortunately, on most landing pages and websites, the sales copy is written so uninspiringly that most readers will just click away never to return to your site. According to Talk Digital, a Leading SEO Marketing Firm here in Brisbane Australia, the average time spent on a search result session is less than 1 minute long.

“With only a couple of seconds to wow the reader, it’s important that the content of your respective web page is of high quality and crafted to lead the reader to where you want them to go.”

In this video below I am going to share my top sales copy tips to help convert more clicks on your website into potential customers and at the end, in the last tip, I share with you what I found really ramped up my website conversions once I started using this single tip.

A short video with tips on how to write sales copy that converts that any business owner can implement today

Website Copy That Converts Tip #1 – Get inside your clients’ head

The biggest mistake I see over and over is businesses thinking on behalf of their customers. They assume or guess what their customers are thinking and guess and most times they get it wrong and send your customers running off to the competition.

Success in Copywriting and marketing means 100% accuracy to what your customers really want, 0% on what you want. Customers don’t care what you want. They spend their money where they want.

So how do you find this accuracy you need: the answer is research. Spend time researching about what your customers really want, find out the real answers and your marketing will yield great results.

Website Copy That Converts Tip #2 – Write a compelling headline

Headlines are so important!

Your headline is 80% of your success. Here’s a great tip if your website is not getting the results you want: Review your headline.

Think of a newspaper (those things people read before the internet). The newspaper’s formula for getting sold was to have a CLEAR, COMPELLING headline on the top of the first page. If the headline grabbed a customer’s attention, they would be interested in reading the article and therefore buy the newspaper.

The same applies to your website and all your marketing material. Think of it as the front page of a newspaper.

Take a look at your current website. Go on. Does it honestly have a clear heading that customers understand, and are emotionally evoked to read further?

If not, it’s time to take action and change it to encourage your visitor to stay on your site and find out more about you and your product or service.

Website Copy That Converts Tip #3 – Main Body Bullet points: Pain and solution

Your main body of your sales page should list in bullet points the pain or problems of your customers and your solution to these pain points. The purpose of these bullet points is to evoke emotion, communicate your benefits and create interest and curiosity.

Now if you have spent quality time researching Tip #1 – getting inside the head of your clients, this tip will be easy. You will already have the answers to write super compelling copy.

You are writing words they want to read, not what you think they want to read and this huge difference will see your clicks going through the roof.

Incorporating specific high ranking keywords into the body of your copy from your earlier research will not only evoke emotion from your reader but will also hopefully improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) as these are the keywords your audience is potentially searching for in google.

Website Copy That Converts Tip #4 – Tell stories that captivate your audience

Nothing builds rapport and a relationship more with your audience than to tell a story or two in your sales copy.

Ok, so you might not be great at storytelling but it’s not about creating a Pulitzer prize-winning essay here. The idea is to craft your story in your own style so that the reader recognises themselves in your story and identifies with it.

The power of the recognition is that the reader has a “Hey, that’s me! I feel that way!” moment, drawing them further into the story which lets them experience the benefits of your product or service.

Website Copy That Converts Tip #5 – Provide social proof

In today’s digital world people look for reviews and testimonials before they buy. So to make sure customers buy your product or service, you need to have lots of great reviews and testimonials as social proof.

If others are buying your product or service and saying good things, others think it must be safe and so they are more inclined to also buy your product or service.

So getting reviews and testimonials must be a solid and consistent strategy in your business, not a part time when or when you remember.

Reviews are so important.

They must also be genuine and they should be written in a format that articulate your value. In other words, the review or testimonial should tell the reader exactly how you solved their problem better than others.

Website Copy That Converts Tip #6 – Add a BONUS to your web copy

Everybody loves a free gift, so give your customers one. But 2 very important points here.

1. Make sure you gift is compelling, make sure it is something your customers would be interested in getting to solve one of their problems. And how do you know what that this, tip #1 research will tell you exactly what your customers want. So just give it to them.

2. When creating your copy – create a sense of urgency. If you signup today, you will get this bonus free. Be sincere and reward your customers for taking action. This is a powerful win, win situation.

Website Copy That Converts Tip # 7 – Have a clear call to action

Every piece of marketing needs a crystal clear call to action. The same applies to your website. You need a call to action with precise instructions so your customers know exactly what to do.

Now there are 2 types of call to action – passive or active.

What’s the difference?

Let’s say you have a leaking pipe in your bathroom, and water is running out onto the floor.

You are now trying to find someone to sort these issues out right away.

You google plumber in your neighbourhood and here is the options you discover:

Website Example 1:

Welcome to Bob’s plumbing company. We can fix anything from a broken sink to a drenched bunker and everything else. Just give us a call when you are ready, and we will be happy to see how we can help you.

This call to action is passive.

Website Example 2:

Got a leak that needs fixing ASAP. Call 1300 plumber now for an immediate response!

This call to actions are active.

Which company would you call? Have a look and see if your calls to action are clear and precise or are helping build your competitor’s business.

Website Copy That Converts Tip #8 – Make your customer feel secure

I think this is a huge one that most people miss out on. Beneath your call to action, you should have in smaller writing words that take away your customer’s fears or barriers as to why they would not click your call to action button.

Example 1:

Under your “Subscribe Now” button – you would have something along the lines of;

No spam, your details are 100% safe.


Join today! Start your no risk, free 7 day trial today

Example 2:

Below a different “Call to Action” – you would have something on the lines of;

No obligation , 30 day money back guarantee, Iron clad guarantee.


Cancel anytime. Speak live to a real person.

So there you go my personal tips on how to write sales copy for websites and convert more clicks into customers. The best part is that these powerful tips can be used for both multi-layered websites or individual landing pages.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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