A Step-by-Step Business Valuation Roadmap to prepare and sell your business for maximum cashout!
The difference is hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars
Life-changing secrets, tips and strategies to sell your business that most business owners simply don’t know.

Here's the staggering truth!

Many business owners have sacrificed blood, sweat, tears, life savings and years to build their businesses and then sell for a fraction of what their business is really worth.

  1. They sell on what the business value is today, not on its future potential
  2. Their business focus is making sales and profits, not building a valuable asset
  3. They do not understand what serious buyers are willing to pay more money for
  4. They are not aware of factors devaluing their business
  5. They do not understand the real money is in the preparation, not on sales day
  6. They are outsmarted by smarter negotiators because they do not know the sales process

No one knows what's around the corner!

Your business should therefore always be “sell ready”. Being sell ready takes preparation and planning, so it’s important to plan your exit strategy as early as possible, even if you do not sell your business in the near future.
Life circumstances changes, markets changes, competition intensifies, your energy and enthusiasm levels wear thin. Eventually, there will come a time when you have had enough. Or a competitor may make you an offer. Or you may want to expand and need investors.
This ensures your business is attractive to buyers and holds maximum value before any sales process begins.

The no.1 killer why sellers don't cash out for the price they want

No seller makes money in a fire sale. Selling out of desperation is always in favour of the buyer. The real money is not on sale day but in your preparation for the sale.

Trying to justify a premium price to a potential buyer when your business is not in “best-selling” shape or packaged correctly is difficult, and you will not attract the price you desire. Planning the sale of your business in advance and making sure the correct checkpoints are in place to maximise your cash out price should be your top priority.
The best time to sell is when you want to, not when you need to. This keeps you in control, allows you to hold your price and walk away from a bad offer that could potentially cost you millions of dollars.

How do I know this?

My 1st

I lost my entire first business at age 28. It was a $12 million lesson. My business was growing and expanding, and we desperately needed investment for cash flow and growth. But our business was not structured correctly, and it was not “investor ready”. Therefore, it had very little value and was therefore not attractive to buyers, even though, on the surface, it looked like an incredible success.
My 2nd business

In 2004, I started a distribution business in New Zealand. After fourteen months, I engaged Deloitte New Zealand to help me prepare my business for sale. The cost of the first consultation (1 hour) was $7500.

Yes really! I believed for that price tag, I would indeed have all the answers, the roadmap and potential buyers lining up, ready to pay maximum dollars for my business.

Boy, was I in for a shock! The price tag to prepare my business for sale was $140,000 for a 3-month engagement.
Obviously, this took serious consideration, but I could not make the same mistakes that cost me my entire first business.

So, I took the plunge, and the results were life-changing. This business was valued at $3.5 million in under 3 years.
My 3rd

I took the life-changing lessons I had learnt and applied them to this business. I implemented the processes to maximise the business valuation from day 1. The result was this business was sold for $820,000 to a public listed company on the Australian Stock Market (ASX) after just 14 months. And for the past twelve years, I have been helping business owners just like you maximise their valuations and change their lives.

Want to see step-by-step how I did this?

You can! And at a price, you will love.
I have taken my 25 years of experience of scratch building and selling businesses, all my failings and lessons, plus the invaluable lessons I learnt from my advisors and created a 12 Step How to Maximise Your Business Valuation Workshop.
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12 Steps How to Maximise Your Business Valuation Workshop

In this 75 min power-packed workshop, I walk you through the 12 Steps to Maximising Your Business Valuation Roadmap and reveal all my life-changing secrets, tips and strategies that most business owners simply don’t know.

Here's what I cover:

What’s your business worth today

Design your cash out figure
Use the business wealth creation formula
Unpack your business
Executing your roadmap
Monthly “on track” control dashboard
Target strategic buyers
Package your business for sale
Timing for maximum profits
Apply the footprint strategy
Negotiation techniques to “seal the deal”
Navigating legal and binding contracts
Plus, I show you verifiable proof of my businesses sales and transactions and my real-life case studies.



Your 100% satisfaction, peace of mind money back guarantee

It is very important to me that you get incredible value from my workshop. It contains my life’s work, and I hold nothing back. I genuinely reveal all my tips, strategies and secrets that have changed my life and many other business owners just like you.
I am confident you will gain significant value from my workshop, but if, for any reason, you feel you didn’t, I will refund you in full – no questions asked.
Simply email me, and we will refund you right away, and you still get to keep all the tools, strategies and knowledge.
This way, you have zero risk, nothing to lose, only everything to gain.

Thanks for your time

If you have reached this far, you must be pretty serious. If you are choosing to join me in my workshop, I really look forward to meeting you and sharing my life’s experience with you.

I wish you the very best on your journey.