7 Week Business Transformation Masterclass


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“This master class walks you through the 13 Steps (broken down into 7 weeks) of how you transform your business to outsmart your competition in today’s competitive world and to give you TIME and MONEY FREEDOM. (Minus the “get rich quick, hyped-up nonsense that sounds good but never works”).

It contains my own real-life case studies and proven, street smart, practical strategies, I have learned the hard way, that you can begin using today!”

In this Master Class you will learn:

Through my personal real-life case studies…

  • How I turned $800 into a $12 million business in just 5 years
  • What foundational mistakes I made to lose the lot (and how you can avoid the same mistakes)
  • The exact steps I used to take an idea and create a business valued at $3.5 million in 3 years, working just 2 days a week, from a home office
  • How I created one of Australia’s most successful online business training courses programs
  • How I scratch built a business and sold it to a public listed company on the Australian stock market for $820,000, after 14 months
  • How you, too can copy the exact process to build your very own successful business in way less time and stress.

This process has taken years of struggling and figuring out. I lay everything out for you in my 7 Week (13 Step) Masterclass.

What are the 13 steps in the 7 Week Business Transformation Master Class?

WEEK 1 – How to find cash-paying, raving fans who will buy from you the quickest

  • STEP 1: Position your business in a Red-Hot Niche
  • STEP 2: Create your competitive edge, so you stand out in the crowd

WEEK 2 – How to build your cash-generating sales pipeline

  • STEP 3: Attract more customers to you, not your competition (using the “HOT POT” method)
  • STEP 4: Design your products and services to sell more, quicker!
  • STEP 5: Design an irresistible “HOOK” and an “Upsell Funnel” to higher-priced items

WEEK 3 – How to design a killer marketing plan that outsmarts competition

  • STEP 6: Create an irresistible marketing message (real-life examples broken down and analyzed for you)
  • STEP 7: Build a revenue-generating, marketing activity plan that outsmarts the competition

WEEK 4 – How to master your digital marketing strategy

  • STEP 8: Turn your website into a silent salesman
  • STEP 9: Create your tribe of superfans using social media

WEEK 5 – How to create mega sales and super-growth using joint ventures

  • STEP 10: Luke’s insider secrets to growing 2 multi-million businesses in record time

WEEK 6 – How to increase your revenue by 85% by working less

  • STEP 11: Restructure your business for unlimited growth
  • STEP 12: Achieve success on autopilot. More time, more freedom and greater wealth with less stress

WEEK 7 – How to build a mindset for success

  • STEP 13: Develop your mental armour. Remove limiting anchors holding you back from achieving success. Stay motivated. Build confidence and self-esteem

Building a business is never easy, but there are smarter and easier ways to do things

Building a business is never easy. Anyone who tells you this has never built their own business. Despite the many claims advertised, there are no magic pills or get rich quick schemes. Building a successful business takes time, commitment, and discipline. But there are smarter and easier ways to reach your goals, achieve your dreams, and avoid the common everyday mistakes.

The Secret is in the 13 Step Sequencing

My 7 Week Master Class covers the 13 steps required to build a smart business. The sequencing of these 13 steps is crucial. Every business I have built and every business I have mentored and fixed, has had steps missing or out of sequence. Every time!

Learning the hard and painful way

When I started my first business with just $800, I focussed purely on growing the business and making profits.

I had 65 staff. The business grew to a $12 million company within 5 years. I won the Ernst Young Entrepreneurs award at age 25 and the Microsoft top 5 companies award at 26. I had the money. I had the penthouse. I had the fancy cars. Sounds impressive! What I didn’t have was time.

I had no time because my business was not structured correctly. I was stressed to the hilt. I was working like a madman. I had little peace because my business was strapped to me, pulled me in every direction, and eventually, it burnt me out, and I lost everything! Not so impressive!

I had to start from scratch all over again. It took me 7 years to regain my confidence and learn what I needed to build a smart business (13 Steps). The result was a business valued at $3.5 million, in less than 3 years, working just 2 days a week.

So what I now teach is foundationally important for true success.

Create a business that continues to grow, independent of you

This gives you more time and creates value in your business! You should do the work once and continue to get paid.

Making money that costs you time does not lead to success. Making money that gives you time and freedom does. Time to spend with your children, your loved ones, or to enjoy doing what you are truly passionate about. This equates to a greater quality of life.

To me, this equates to success.

I look forward to your company and sharing my real-life case studies and examples.

All the best.