Creator of the 7-Step Smart Business Engine System

Business has always been my passion since I was a little kid. I would deliver newspapers, sell avocado pears outside supermarkets, breed tropical fish with my grandfather and sell them to pet shops and repair surfboards. I would then invest that money in the stock market and try to get my money working for me.

While studying as an engineer at university, I worked as a barman for a catering company but earned passive, recurring income by hiring out my “own crew of reliable friends” per hour to the owner to solve his problem of unreliable staff always letting him down.

I have always had a natural ability to help business owners find money-making opportunities they could not see. I love creating systems, processes and workflow to improve business efficiencies by doing easier and smarter things.

I started my first real business at age 23 with my partner Gary, in my father’s shed with just $800.  For the next fourteen months, it was living hell. No matter how hard we worked, nothing improved. We were not making money and were exhausted.

Then I set up my first-ever joint venture. By leveraging infrastructure, expertise, and resource and applying some street smart marketing skills, this little business exploded over the next five years into a $12 million company.

Then I lost the lot and learned the single most important lesson in business:

The difference between being Self Employed and being a Business Owner​.

My business was totally dependent on me running it. As I tried to “fix” my knowledge gaps myself, my business consumed me, and eventually, I burnt out and collapsed under the pressure and lost everything I had worked so hard for.

It took me seven years to regain my confidence and give business another go. This time, however, I did things smarter.

I created a 7-step smart business system based on my lessons, applied it to a new idea and created a business valued at $3.5 million after just 2.5 years.

My 7-step business system created an engine that added value to my business and did the work for me.​​​

This system ensured my business was designed from day 1 to give me time and money freedom.

Since then, I have built 4 more highly successful businesses in record time using this proven business system.

This real-life experience exposed the massive opportunity to help people in business become Business Owners by building a Smart Business System to create value and give them time and money freedom.

And so, I created Ideas Into Business.​​

I have been a successful business coach and mentor to 1000+ very happy business owners for the past twelve years. My 7-step smart business system has helped them build an asset with less stress, in less hours with more freedom.

Most businesses make the same everyday common mistakes as I did when I first started out.​

They don’t do tasks in their business to set themselves up for the future. They do tasks to get themselves through the day.

They work to make profits today, not to create wealth for their future. The Self Employed businesses held very little value because the businesses are dependant on the owners running them. In contrast, the Business Owners’ businesses were not dependant on them. Their systems ran their businesses, generating profits consistently. These businesses therefore held significantly greater values.

Everyone in business who has taken risks and made sacrifices along the way deserves a good outcome!

Ask yourself if what you are doing right now in your business is setting you up for your future? If it isn’t, then maybe we should talk sometime.​

I certainly would enjoy helping you on your business journey, whatever stage you are at, to reach your lifestyle of choice.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I look forward to discussing how we can get your business working for you.

I wish you the very best on your journey.

Let's explore how we can help you reach your goals today!

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Luke's Entrepreneurial Time Line

Aug 1994

First business launched with $800 in my father’s shed

May 1996

Launch province’s 1st computer superstore

Sep 1996

Awarded Microsoft Top 5 Companies award

Oct 1996

Open finance company to support retail computer stores

Jul 1997

Awarded Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the year

Mar 1998

Sales grow to $12 million/year

Sep 1998

Lost entire first business

Apr 2004

Launch my 2nd business with an idea and smart business system (distribution business)

Sep 2006

Supplying 5 countries, factories in 3 countries

May 2007

Business valued at $3.5 million

May 2008

Created Ideas into Business (Business coaching) and my Smart Business System

Aug 2010

13 Business clubs running (Australia and New Zealand)

Feb 2011

Created Business Renovators (online business training programs)

Jun 2012

Chosen over several hundred other coaches to present live on stage with Sir Richard Branson at the 21st Century Financial Summit

May 2014

Created Complete Vet System – a Joint Venture with Australia’s largest veterinary buying group. Integrated my smart business system into the veterinary industry

May 2016

Sold Complete Vet System to a public listed company (ASX) for $820k

May 2017

Opened Buffalo Sears Smoke House Bar – awarded Top 3 restaurant on Gold Coast (Gold FM) and Top 5 Ribs Joint (GoldCoast Bulletin).

Apr 2019

On sold Buffalo Sears Smoke House and Bar

Jul 2019

First book becomes Amazon number 1 Best Seller

Aug 2020

Second book becomes Amazon number 1 Best seller