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Smart Marketing Tip # 1  Do You Have a Passive or Active Call to Action?

Whether you are doing email marketing, creating a flyer, designing your website or landing page, does your marketing have a passive or active call to action?

What’s the difference?

Let’s say you have a leaking pipe in your bathroom, and water is running out onto the floor. Or your computer breaks down, and you must have an important presentation-ready the next day.

You are now trying to find someone to sort these issues out right away. You begin to search Google for websites or read some advertising flyers that were dumped in your post box.

Here are some of the marketing efforts you discover:

Website /Flyer/Email Marketing 1:

Welcome to Bob’s wonderful plumbing company. In 1892 my grandfather invented the plunger, and we are very proud. Here is a picture of him and the plunger. We can fix anything from a broken sink to a drenched bunker and everything else. Just give us a call when you are ready, and we will be happy to see how we can help you.

This call to action is passive.

Website/Flyer/Email Marketing 2:

Got a leak that needs fixing ASAP. Call now for an immediate response!

Or: Computer Emergency? Need help right away. Call now for an urgent fix!

These calls to actions are active.

Which company would you call? Have a look at your marketing strategy and see if your calls to action are helping grow your business or building your competitors.

Smart Marketing Tip # 2  Do Your Customers Really Understand Your Marketing Message?

Or is it driving customers to your competition and costing you time and money.

Mostly when we design our online marketing for social media platforms and other offline marketing material we are very clear in our head what our message means. If we understand what our marketing message means, surely our target audience will?


This is one of the most common mistakes small business owners make and therefore help drive customers to the competition.

To make sure you are not creating a marketing masterpiece that only you understand, put your marketing collateral, regardless of whether it is your website or a flyer through these 3 questions, and see if you can clearly answer them.

Q1: Why should I do business with you instead of one of your competitors?
Example answer: We offer New York’s most affordable telecommunication package to companies with 25 employees or less.

Q2: What can your product or service do for me that your competitors don’t?
Example answer: We sell the only all-natural, non-toxic, vegan pain relief cream that completely cures eczema.

Q3: What can you guarantee me that no other competitor can?
Example answer: Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 mins or it’s free!
How did you go? If your target audience does not get what you are selling, how are they going to buy? Just think about this for second and see how much sense it makes.

Smart Marketing Tip # 3  Do You Have a Compelling Headline?

Here’s a great tip if your marketing is not getting the results you want: Review your headline.

Think of a newspaper (those things people read before the internet). The newspaper’s formula for getting sold was to have a CLEAR, COMPELLING headline on the top of the first page. If the headline grabbed a customer’s attention, they would be interested in reading the article and therefore buy the newspaper.

The same applies to your website, email marketing, and all your marketing material. Think of it as the front page of a newspaper.

Does yours have a clear heading that customers understand, and are emotionally evoked to read further?

Your headline should answer the following question for your customers:

“If I buy your product or service, it will solve ….or…… I will get……?”

Here are 2 examples of headlines that pass the test.

The 13 Steps I Used to Turn $800 Into a $12 Million Business in 5 Years!

Sick of Diets That Never Work? Here’s How to Lose Weight Once and For All!

Customers are not interested in trying to solve a riddle when they visit your website or are reading any of your marketing material. They are looking for a simple, quick, accurate, and easy to understand solution.

All of the above 3 marketing tips share a common thread; looking at your marketing through the eyes of your customers. You know what you see, but stand back for a second, pause and pay attention to what they would see.

If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table and helping grow the queue at your competitors.