I’m Luke Fatooros, and I’m here to help you build a SMART BUSINESS that gives you TIME and MONEY freedom. What do I mean by a Smart Business? Perhaps a better way to ask this question is:

“What does a SMART BUSINESS mean to you?”

My answers are:

  • You do the work once, upfront and then you continue to get paid
  • You create passive, recurring, revenue streams
  • You accelerate results by leveraging the resource, expertise, and infrastructure of others
  • Your business does the work, not you
  • You have very little overheads, start-up costs, and stress
  • Your business continues to grow, independently of you
  • You create a valuable asset to set yourself up for life. You create wealth as well as profits

How do your answers compare?

The result of building a business like this is FREEDOM. TIME FREEDOM. MONEY FREEDOM. This is smart business and exactly what I teach you, step by step.

Luke Fatooros

I believe many business owners trying to break through the daily barriers to reach their dreams will relate to what I am saying. I know it’s tough, it’s hard, but I want to tell you it’s not impossible!

What is the point of building a business if you are killing yourself in the process, always under stress and financial pressure, and you miss out on many important moments in your life that can never be relived?

Moments such as your son’s first birthday, your daughter’s school play, your children’s sports days, your anniversary, or your grandmother’s 80th birthday.

Building your business should allow you to create these precious memories, not prevent you from enjoying them.

Your business should be structured correctly, so it produces income, consistently and independently of you.

This is what a smart business looks like.  This is exactly what I teach you, step by step. There are smarter and easier ways to make money.

Luke Fatooros

I hope my lessons of failure will help protect you, guide you, and make your journey a little easier. I hope my successes and triumphs will help inspire you to keep going and not give up. In the end, when you do finally reach your goals, it truly is worth the sacrifice.

To begin, let’s start with where you are right now?

Do you:

  • Have an idea but do not know where to begin?
  • Have a business and want to fast track profits?
  • Want to escape the daily grind and get your business working for you?
  • Want to quit your job and start a successful business from Day 1?
  • Want to outsmart competition, scale your business, and learn to compete in today’s competitive world?

Are you:

  • Looking for smarter ways to easily boost your sales?
  • Struggling and looking for a guideline to break through to the next level?
  • Stressed and tired of working long, exhausting hours?
  • Wanting to tap into where the cash is already flowing?
  • Interested in maximising the value of your business so you can cash out someday?

If so, and you want a no-nonsense, genuine roadmap to building a smart business that gives you time and money freedom, then you are definitely in the right place.

I want to be very clear

I am not promising you instant riches, or any get rich, quick schemes. Building a successful business requires effort and dedication. There are no magic pills. No way! Anyone who tells you this has never built their own business.

However, there are smarter and easier ways to get results, faster!

With the help and step-by-step guidance of someone who has genuinely travelled this roller coaster ride many times, you can avoid tens of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes (of which I have made many) and accelerate your progress, so you enjoy the rewards, quicker.

What have I achieved on my journey, and how can I help you?

I have been scratch building businesses since I was 23 years old. I have made many, many mistakes. Some of them monumental. But I have also achieved many victories and reaped many rewards.

I teach you the exact steps of my successes and how to avoid the common mistakes that led to my failures. I teach these through my real-life case studies, workshops, and examples.

Learn more here

Below are the businesses I have created using the exact strategies I teach you:

  • $12-million retail business, starting out in my father’s shed with just $800. (I lost this entire business even though we were booming. I discuss the fatal mistakes that caused this catastrophe and how you can prevent them).
  • An international, distribution business valued at $3.5 million after 3 years; created from a home office, working only two days a week.
  • One of the most successful, online business mentoring programmes in Australia; the 7 Week Business Transformation Programme that was chosen to be presented on stage at the 21st Century Financial Summit in Melbourne with Sir Richard Branson.
  • A virtual business growth, management, and team training system for the veterinary industry in Australia and New Zealand. This business was sold to an Australian Stock Market (ASX) company for $820,000 after fourteen months.
  • An American BBQ Smoke House & Bar. It was voted Top Five Rib Joints on the Gold Coast and the Top Three Restaurants on the Gold Coast after just six months and was sold-on after seventeen months.

My training courses really do work and get results. I hold nothing back. I openly share all my secrets, tips, successes, strategies, and mistakes and would love to have you onboard and share your journey with me.

What courses are available, and which one is right for you?

7 Week Business Transformation

Learn How to Build a Smart Business to Give You Time & Money Freedom

This course was selected over several hundred other speakers and business training programmes to be presented live on stage at the 21st Century Financial Summit in Melbourne with Sir Richard Branson.

Why? Because of its authenticity and the real results it has achieved. There is no fluff and ‘sound good’ theories that never practically work.

Each week, for 7 weeks, I walk you through the 13 Steps I used to build all my businesses and continue to use today. Every strategy, tip, workshop, and lesson has been used in the real world by myself or my business partners to get real results.

That is all my lessons over the past 25 years of scratch building businesses. The 13 steps sequentially link together to help you build your business, so it gives you time and money freedom.

The secret is in the sequencing. Every business of mine that has struggled has had one or several of these steps missing – every time. Every business I have mentored that is struggling has had one or more of these steps missing or in the wrong sequence — every single time.

Every business I have built that has skyrocketed from day 1, has had all 13 steps sequentially in place.

If you want to learn step by step how to build a smart business to give you time and money freedom, then this is the course for you! Learn more here…

12 Step Passive Income with Joint Ventures

Create Passive Income For Life Using Joint Ventures

Using Joint Ventures to create TIME & MONEY FREEDOM in my businesses is my deepest passion.

My #1 underlying secret to record growth and creating recurring, passive incomes with very little capital in all my businesses is Joint Ventures. Yet, only around 1% of all businesses use Joint Ventures. The rest do business the traditional way; trying to do everything themselves. And hence they struggle and have continuous cash flow issues and low profits.

I have used joint ventures in every single business of mine to propel growth – everyone. Joint ventures are so important I have dedicated an entire course to them. That’s how much I believe in them.

I love teaching the principles of Joint Ventures and would love to share this profound knowledge with you.

If you want to…

  • Break the 9-5 rut forever
  • Eliminate debt
  • Add new recurring, revenue streams to your business
  • Do the work once and continue to get paid
  • Skyrocket sales
  • Expand your business with no additional expense or infrastructure

And you can do this with…

  • No overheads
  • No risk
  • No selling
  • No experience
  • Then this course is for you! Learn more…


Real Support: My Community Support Group

Don’t you just love it when you enroll in a course, pay your money and then discover the support is about as effective as an ashtray on a motorbike. Me neither!

Support is as crucial as the course itself. We all know this and how important it is for your success.

Starting a business can be a daunting process. Trying to survive in business can be exhausting, especially if you are always trying to solve the problems yourself. Being an entrepreneur can also be a very lonely ride.

I understand this completely. I have been doing this for most of my adult life, and many times I have had to deal with struggles and pain alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be surrounded by others all on the same journey, albeit just at different stages?

Well, you can.

I created my friendly Facebook support group for anyone who joins one of my programs. This is a private, members-only group. The purpose is to provide a safe and friendly environment where our fellow members can connect, learn, share, support, and add value to each other’s businesses and lives.

I look forward to meeting you there and helping you on your journey.

For those who want to fast track progress and bypass costly mistakes, you can check out my advanced support options which include my personal reviews, guidance, and critique of your business here…

Still have questions about getting started?

No problem! Contact me directly in the Contact Tab above, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I do personally answer all these questions.


Thank you for reading this far

You must be serious about changing your life and living it on your terms. I really appreciate that and want to help you achieve this.

I love the company of people who want to make the best out of the life they have, who are willing to give business a go and build a life on their terms. I want to hear your stories, your experiences, your fallings, and your victories.

I believe everyone you meet can teach you something. I genuinely wish you every bit of success and look forward to meeting you on the other side and helping you succeed on your journey.

Luke Fatooros