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Because support is as important as the learning. Get confirmation that you’re on the right track and advice on where you are going wrong.

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Monthly 1 Hour LIVE Q&A Webinar Access
Listen, learn and share from others mistakes and successes
Live Individual Progress Review
Live Individual Submission
Critique and Feedback
Individual Goal Setting for the Quickest Results
Decisive Action Steps for the Following Month
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Still unsure if my support programs really work and fast track progress? Check out the following videos, which include live reviews and critiques that have helped many students bypass years of struggle and save tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes.

Live Business Reviews and Critiques:

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the 1 Hour Q & A webinar call-ins?

The Q&A webinars are hosted by me. We are joined by other business owners around the world on the call.

For Standard and Fast Track members, you can listen in, watch and learn as I answer questions, review, and critique submissions from other business owners.

Fast Track members can submit your workbooks, questions, and progress for live, personal feedback and critiques. You can ask me questions live. I give you the confirmation you are on the right track or what needs adjusting. I also give you advice on what you should be working on to get the quickest wins.

How do the individual submission critique and feedback work?

Fast Track Members:

You submit your workbooks from any of the courses before the scheduled call-in time. I review your work, prepare your critique, and present it live on the call-ins.

For eg: Why your website is not working, how do you structure an important Joint Venture deal you have coming up, how do you create effective sales tools for your entire team to use, why are you struggling to create your marketing message or your X-factor, how do you restructure to begin freeing up your time, etc.

How does the individual goal setting work?

Fast Track Members:

I am a huge believer in setting realistic goals with decisive action steps. I focus heavily on this.

The process I use is very structured and works very well:

Below is a brief summary. Each month, we agree together on the following to make sure you are genuinely moving forward and not losing focus and getting sidetracked doing the wrong tasks.

  • Where do you want to be in the next 3 months, 1 year, 5 years (personally and financially)
  • 1 specific action to move you closer to your goal
  • 1 specific change you need to make to allow you to reach your goal
  • 1 new idea of how you can add value to any of your products, services or customers and increase sales

What are some common questions you answer and provide direction on?

  • Can you help me with the correct structure to grow my business, so it does it the work, not me
  • Can you help me with the correct sequencing to help me get the biggest returns, the quickest
  • Can you help me prioritize my actions, so I become more efficient and fast track my progress
  • Can you help me structure Joint Ventures so I can start to create my business backend of passive recurring income
  • Can you help me identify the fastest growth opportunities for my business
  • Can you help restructure my business, so it has value as well as making me profits

What happens if I miss the live call-in?

Don’t worry. Every Webinar is recorded and placed in the member’s area. So not only can you watch your own reviews, but you have complete and unlimited access to the entire library. This means you can go back and revisit the critiques as often as you need to, whenever you want to.

This is available as long as you are a Standard or Fast Track Member.

Will the Support Programs work for me?

Your results are directly proportional to the effort you put in. I can’t cast magic spells, and everything suddenly falls into place. You have to do your homework, take action, implement what you learn, and be consistent in your efforts.

Listening, taking notes, and then doing nothing will not move you any closer to your goals.

Here are my essential recommendations for your success:

  • An open mind ready to accept change and break through barriers
  • A sincere willingness to succeed
  • A sincere commitment to take action
  • Apply the lessons. Listen to advice and feedback
  • Keep going and don’t quit
  • Be genuinely serious about building a highly successful business

Got any questions?

Let me know here. I will get back to you asap.

I look forward to helping and supporting you.