Are You Filling Your Time Beautifully?

The financial rewards that come from having a successful business are important to many business owners. Achieving financial success is usually the primary reason motivating business owners to work hard and take tremendous risks.

But how much money your business makes shouldn’t be the only measure of how successful your business is.

I’ve mentored and trained hundreds of businesses around the world. Every one of them has one thing in common.

They are all at some level trying to create better, happier and less stressful lives for themselves and their families. They all have a shared desire for freedom.

When you break this down to its core; what are we really talking about here?

The answer is time and what we do with it.

When the day comes when we look back at our life; the question I think we will all ask ourselves is: 

Did I fill my time beautifully?

Did I make the correct choices to create cherished memories and precious moments? Ones that you know will warm your families’ homes with laughter and keep your families smiling for generations to come. Ones that allow you to rest easy and be at peace.

For me, this is success in life, and I have been fortunate to help many business owners around the world achieve this.

Are you building your business to create a life worth living?

Not only for yourself, but for your loved ones to cherish and enjoy as well.

Building a business the wrong way
Me starting out in business in my early twenties, going about building my business the wrong way. Building a business structure that chased financial rewards filled with stress, rather than working towards time and money freedom with peace of mind.

When I first started out in business, I built my business the wrong way. Like many other business owners and young hotshot entrepreneurs of today, I was building a business to make money to be “successful”.

But what did business success mean to me back then?

To get rich so I could buy materialistic things like fancy cars and penthouses. I believed if people saw me driving around in my fancy car, wearing my Rolex watch and jazzy suit, they would say I had made it. That was really important to me in my early twenties.

Did it bring me happiness? NO.

I was stressed, overworked, and killing myself building my business for the wrong outcome –  materialistic happiness. I had zero downtime, and it was exhausting keeping this up. I, therefore, had very little peace of mind.

Externally, with its massive growth so quickly, my first business looked like a fabulous success. Internally, I was burning out. I eventually lost the lot.

And what happened? I burnt out, lost the lot and learnt a $12 million lesson about business, life and happiness.

It took me seven years to recover from that failure, but I took those painful lessons and decided that any new business I built and any business owners I coached going forward would be built for the right outcomes.

What does real success in business look like?

The definition of business success means something different for every individual business owner. But I believe they all have one common thread they strive for. Maybe not in the beginning like me, but eventually the realisation comes….

Build a business to give you time & money freedom with peace of mind.

For the last twenty years, I have been scratch building businesses across 3 countries and have helped hundreds of business owners build wealth with this “success” outcome in mind. Build a business to give you time and money freedom with less worry.

What are the outcomes of true business success?

I am able to spend more quality time with friends and family, way more than any other person I know, most of whom are a lot richer than me.

I have enjoyed watching my children grow up. I have never missed any of their birthdays, school plays or any important occasions like my wedding anniversaries or my Gran’s 100th birthday.

Regular camping at Stradbroke Island
My Gran’s 100th Birthday
Regular surfing trips with my son

And while this happens, my business is designed to keep increasing in value without me being strapped to it.

This, to me, is success and why you should be building your business. This should be your business goal.

This would never have been possible if I continued to build my new businesses the way I built my first one. I love this freedom process and have used it to help hundreds of others just like you achieve their dreams, and I would love to do the same for you.

The starting point is mapping out a practical, step by step strategy that will help you reach your goals of happiness while building a business you love.

Dr Theva used this exact freedom process. His profits have soared and he now takes every Wednesdays off to spend with his wife. And while he is enjoying this time freedom, he is building a valuable asset for life.

Ready to build a successful business that gives you time and money freedom? Find out how we can help.

Real Business Coaching, Mentoring & Training for Business Owners

Trying to survive in business can be exhausting, especially if you are always trying to solve the problems yourself. Are you frustrated, confused, and not sure what to do next? This is not how the picture of your business should look.

I understand this completely. I have been doing this for most of my adult life, and many times I have had to deal with struggles and pain alone

Being a small business owner doesn’t have to be a lonely ride.

  • Do you want help systemising your entire business operation, so you do not have to worry each day?
  • Need a practical exit strategy to turn your business into a valuable asset to set you up for life?
  • Want a proven marketing plan that has helped many other “offline” businesses just like yours to successfully integrate and grow their brand online?
  • Do you want to remove yourself from the daily grind and get your life back?
  • Do you want to optimise your business, improve efficiency, ramp up sales, maximise profits, reduce overheads and improve cash flow?
  • Need help managing and motivating your team to operate at optimum performance?

If so, we should have a chat.

You can learn more about my business coaching services here, and how to book a free, no-obligation chat with me today. (valued at $295)

In the meantime, have a look at some real results from our previous clients. Many of them are small business owners who were struggling with similar issues you may be experiencing right now. 

I hope that you find this useful. If you would like a no-obligation, pitch-free business discovery session to see if we can help you get to where you want to go, then please book a time here.

I certainly would enjoy helping you on your business journey, whatever stage you are at, to reach your lifestyle of choice.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I look forward to discussing how we can get your business working for you.

As always, I wish you all the very best.  

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